Mathilda in Mobile Legends: A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering the Utility Support

Mathilda is a highly sought-after utility support in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, especially with the resurgence of the Healing Meta. Her ability to save allies in dire situations and engage enemies while providing shields makes her a top-tier support in the current meta. To maximize your team’s chances of victory, it’s crucial to understand Mathilda’s best build, revamped emblems, and strategic gameplay.

Mathilda’s Abilities in Mobile Legends

Mathilda’s abilities are crucial in providing support and utility for her team. Here’s a quick overview of her skills:

Passive: Ancestral Guidance

Mathilda gains stacks while moving. When fully charged, her next basic attack is enhanced, dealing Magic Damage to the target and granting her movement speed that decays over time.

Best Item Build for Mathilda in Mobile Legends

When it comes to itemizing Mathilda, prioritizing utility and survivability is key. Here’s the recommended item build for Mathilda in MLBB:

  • Courage Mask
  • Wizard Boots
  • Oracle
  • Athena’s Shield
  • Brute Force Breastplate
  • Immortality

Best Emblem for Mathilda in Mobile Legends

Emblems play a crucial role in enhancing Mathilda’s abilities and effectiveness as a support. Here’s the recommended revamped emblem for Mathilda in MLBB:

  • Support Emblem Set
  • Hybrid Regeneration
  • Empower
  • Pull Yourself Together

Best Battle Spell for Mathilda in Mobile Legends

Choosing the right battle spell can greatly impact Mathilda’s ability to support her team. Here are the recommended battle spells for Mathilda in MLBB:

  • Flicker: Essential for potential engages and saving allies in critical situations.
  • Purify: Ideal when facing enemies with heavy crowd control effects.
  • Vengeance: Situational for added durability.


Is Mathilda only viable as a support in Mobile Legends?

Mathilda is primarily played as a support due to her utility and crowd control abilities, making her an invaluable asset to any team.

Can Mathilda be played aggressively in the early game?

While Mathilda excels as a supportive hero, she can also be played aggressively in the early game to secure kills and help her team gain an early advantage.

How important is it to prioritize movement speed for Mathilda?

Movement speed is crucial for Mathilda as it allows her to maneuver around the battlefield, engage in team fights, and provide timely support to allies.


Mastering Mathilda in Mobile Legends requires a deep understanding of her abilities, itemization, emblems, and battle spells. By utilizing the recommended build and revamped emblems, players can maximize Mathilda’s potential as a utility support, making significant contributions to their team’s success in battles and tournaments.

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