Mastering the Grappling Gun in Palworld

Palworld presents an array of challenging environments, from deep ravines to formidable obstacles. To help players navigate these treacherous terrains, the game offers the option of using the Grappling Gun, a handy gadget that enables seamless traversal through various regions. Here’s a guide on how to unlock and make the most of this essential tool.

How to Unlock and Craft the Grappling Gun in Palworld

Unlocking the Grappling Gun entails meeting specific prerequisites. These include:

– Progressing to player level 12
– Access to Ancient Civilization Parts
– Access to Paldium Fragments
– At least one Ancient Tech Point

While reaching level 12 is relatively straightforward, sourcing the other materials can pose a bit of a challenge. Paldium Fragments can be obtained from blue boulders, which require a pickaxe to mine. Ancient Tech Points can be acquired by completing tower raids or defeating bosses, with 5 points received for a boss kill and 1 point for each world boss kill.

The most demanding item to acquire is the Ancient Civilization Parts, which are obtained by defeating Alpha Pals and bosses found in dungeons or throughout Palworld’s various biomes. Overcoming these formidable foes requires skill and decent gear for a triumphant victory.

Once the schematics for the gun are unlocked, it can be crafted at any type of workbench using the following resources:

– Polymer: This can be smelted using ore obtained from dark, copper-like boulders. A Primitive Furnace is required for smelting.
– Fiber: Acquired by using an Axe to chop down trees or from Wood using a Crusher.

How to Use the Grappling Gun in Palworld

The Grappling Gun is invaluable for traversing varied and challenging terrain. It functions by firing a hook that latches onto different targets and objects. Players can use it by pressing right-click to aim and left-click to shoot the hook. However, it is important to note that there is a 12-second cooldown after firing, so its use during combat should be approached strategically.


How do I obtain Ancient Civilization Parts?

Ancient Civilization Parts can be obtained by defeating Alpha Pals and bosses found in dungeons or throughout Palworld’s various biomes.

What is the cooldown period for the Grappling Gun?

The Grappling Gun has a 12-second cooldown after firing the hook.

Can I use the Grappling Gun during combat?

While it can be used during combat, it is essential to be mindful of the 12-second cooldown period.


The Grappling Gun is a crucial tool for navigating Palworld’s diverse landscapes. By unlocking and crafting it, players can effortlessly traverse challenging terrains and conquer obstacles, enhancing their overall gaming experience. With the right resources and strategy, mastering the Grappling Gun can elevate the gameplay in Palworld.

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