Mastering Odette in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Aspiring Odette players, get ready to elevate your gameplay. In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), Odette is a mage with exceptional AoE damage abilities, making her a valuable asset to any team composition. To harness her full potential, mastering the best Odette build, revamped emblems, and battle spells is crucial. By following this guide, you can optimize Odette’s abilities and dominate the battlefield.

Odette’s Skills in Mobile Legends

Before delving into her build, let’s take a quick look at Odette’s abilities in MLBB:

  • Passive – Lakeshore Ambience: Odette’s skills will apply Lake of Purity to the target, dealing continuous damage and slowing them down.
  • 1st Skill – Avian Authority: Odette releases a swan to deal magical damage to enemies, also slowing their movement speed.
  • 2nd Skill – Blue Nova: Odette summons a Blue Nova to the designated area, dealing magical damage and immobilizing enemies.
  • Ultimate – Swan Song: Odette releases the power of her swan song, dealing magical damage to surrounding enemies and locking them down. This can be enhanced by the passive skill.

Best Odette Build in Mobile Legends

To maximize Odette’s potential, consider the following item build:

  • Arcane Boots: Grants magic penetration and enhances Odette’s overall magic damage.
  • Lightning Truncheon: Provides additional burst damage and a mana-based, AoE effect after using a skill.
  • Ice Queen Wand: Offers crowd control and boosts Odette’s movement speed and magic power.
  • Divine Glaive: Enhances magic penetration and increases Odette’s magic damage against high-HP targets.
  • Holy Crystal: Amplifies magic power and provides a significant boost to Odette’s burst damage potential.
  • Blood Wings: Boosts Odette’s magic power and provides additional HP.

Best Odette Emblem in Mobile Legends

For Odette’s emblem, consider the Revamped Emblem with the following talents:

  • Mage Emblem: Opt for Magic Worship to increase magical damage after hitting enemies with skills, and Agility to gain cooldown reduction and movement speed.

Best Battle Spell for Odette in Mobile Legends

When it comes to Battle Spells, consider the following options for Odette:

  • Flicker: Provides Odette with an escape tool and maneuverability to position herself during team fights.
  • Execute: Offers an additional burst of damage to secure kills and control team fights.


Q: How should I position myself when playing Odette?

A: Position yourself at the backline during team fights to avoid being targeted initially and maximize your AoE damage potential.

Q: Is Odette a viable pick for ranked matches?

A: Yes, Odette can be a strong pick in ranked matches, especially when paired with teammates who can protect her and capitalize on her crowd control abilities.

Q: What are Odette’s main weaknesses?

A: Odette is vulnerable to crowd control and burst damage, so staying aware of enemy positioning is crucial to avoid being caught out.


Mastering Odette in MLBB requires a solid understanding of her abilities, optimal item build, emblem selection, and battle spells. By following the recommendations in this guide and honing your positioning and timing, you can become a formidable force on the battlefield as Odette. Embrace her AoE capabilities and unleash her full potential in every match.

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