Mastering Clefable in Pokémon UNITE: A Complete Guide

Clefable is an essential supporter in Pokémon UNITE, and mastering its build can significantly impact the outcome of battles. From its evolution from Cleffa to Clefairy and finally, Clefable, this Fairy-type Pokémon brings a unique skill set and playstyle to the game. In this guide, we’ll explore the best build for Clefable, including held items, battle items, and movesets.

Clefable in Pokémon UNITE: All You Need to Know

Clefable is a beloved Fairy-type Pokémon known for its supportive role in battles. With its characteristic healing abilities and disruptive moves, Clefable can greatly enhance a team’s resilience and effectiveness. Additionally, its design and backstory add an endearing charm to its presence on the battlefield.

Best Held Items for Clefable in Pokémon UNITE

The held items play a crucial role in empowering Clefable to fulfill its supportive role effectively. The recommended held items for Clefable are Exp. Share and Buddy Barrier.

  • Exp. Share: This item allows Clefable to keep up with experience gains, eliminating the need for extensive Wild Pokémon farming.
  • Buddy Barrier: Buddy Barrier boosts Clefable’s durability by providing additional HP and bonus shields to Clefable and nearby teammates when executing a Pokémon Unite Move.

Best Battle Items for Clefable in Pokémon UNITE

The battle items are essential for Clefable to maneuver and support the team effectively. The recommended battle items for Clefable are Slow Smoke and X Speed.

  • Slow Smoke: Slow Smoke is valuable for hindering enemies, enabling strategic takedowns and tactical withdrawals when cornered by the enemy team.
  • X Speed: X Speed increases Clefable’s movement speed, allowing for swift repositioning during clashes and protecting against potential enemy disables.

Best Movesets for Clefable in Pokémon UNITE

Clefable’s moveset is vital for ensuring its effectiveness as a dedicated supporter. The recommended moveset for Clefable consists of Moonlight and Gravity.

  • Moonlight: This healing move can provide HP recovery to multiple allies in a wide area, offering improved durability and an advantage in crucial team fights.
  • Gravity: Gravity enables Clefable to trap enemies in a restricted area, applying pressure with stronger attacks and serving as an effective defense against hit-and-run tactics.


Q: What role does Clefable play in Pokémon UNITE?

A: Clefable serves as a crucial supporter in Pokémon UNITE, specializing in healing allies and providing disruptive support to the team.

Q: How does Exp. Share benefit Clefable?

A: Exp. Share allows Clefable to stay on par with experience gains, reducing the need for extensive Wild Pokémon farming.

Q: Why is Moonlight a valuable move for Clefable?

A: Moonlight is essential for Clefable as it provides HP recovery to multiple allies in a wide area, enhancing their durability in team fights.


Mastering Clefable in Pokémon UNITE can be a game-changer for any team. With its unique support abilities and effective build, Clefable can turn the tides of battle and ensure the team’s success. By utilizing the recommended held items, battle items, and movesets, trainers can maximize Clefable’s potential and make a significant impact in every match.

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