Mastering Cici in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Cici in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is a Fighter hero with great potential in the EXP Lane. Her long-range leap ability allows for versatile gameplay, making her a viable choice for both offensive plays and tactical escapes. In this guide, we will explore the best build, revamped emblems, and strategies for playing Cici effectively.

Cici’s Skills in Mobile Legends

Passive: Performer’s Delight
Cici generates a stack of Delight after dealing damage, increasing her Movement Speed and Spell Vamp per stack, doubling the effects at full stacks.

Skill 2: Buoyant Bounce
Cici leaps to a target location, and if she lands on any unit, she can leap again in the Joystick’s direction. If she lands on an enemy with the first leap, she deals Physical Damage to them.

Best Item Build for Cici in Mobile Legends

1. Warrior Boots
2. Endless Battle
3. Blade of Despair
4. Queen’s Wings
5. Rose Gold Meteor
6. Brute Force Breastplate

Best Emblem for Cici in Mobile Legends

Revamped Fighter Emblem:
1. Bravery
2. Invasion
3. Festival of Blood

How to Play Cici in Mobile Legends

Playing Cici effectively requires a balance of aggression and caution. Her mobility allows her to engage and disengage quickly, making her ideal for surprise attacks and flanking maneuvers. Utilize her leap ability to land precise strikes on enemies and control the pace of battles.


What lane is ideal for Cici in Mobile Legends?

Cici is best suited for the EXP Lane, where her mobility and damage potential can be maximized.

Is Cici a beginner-friendly hero in MLBB?

Cici can be challenging for beginners due to her need to engage closely with enemies to deal significant damage. However, with practice, she can be a rewarding hero to master.

How should I use Cici’s revamped emblem in Mobile Legends?

The revamped Fighter Emblem with attributes like Bravery, Invasion, and Festival of Blood is well-suited for enhancing Cici’s combat capabilities, providing benefits for engaging in battles and sustaining in fights.


Cici’s unique playstyle and dynamic abilities make her an exciting addition to the MLBB roster. By mastering her skills, leveraging the recommended build and emblem, and understanding her tactics, players can harness Cici’s full potential and make impactful contributions to their team’s success.

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