Mason Hits 8K MMR on New Dota 2 Account

Dota 2 streamer Mason “mason” Venne, known for his controversial behavior, recently achieved an 8000 MMR on his new account. Despite the high MMR, his behavior and communication scores are concerning, causing restrictions on coaching and communication within the game.

Mason’s Dota 2 Journey on New Account

On 4th January, Mason obtained an 8000 MMR calibration on his new account, similar to his MMR on his previous account. This follows a contentious ban he received after utilizing behavior-boosting services.

After the ban, Mason initially expressed remorse and declared a hiatus from Dota 2. However, he returned to streaming various other games and eventually resumed playing Dota 2. His behavior on stream, including the use of inappropriate language, led to a decline in his behavior and communication scores.

Recently, he vented frustration towards Valve and made threatening remarks, only to later promise to adopt a more positive attitude to improve his behavior score.


1. ✍️What is MMR in Dota 2?✍️
Matchmaking Rating (MMR) is a value that determines the skill level of a player in Dota 2. The higher the MMR, the higher the player’s skill level.

2. ✍️What is behavior score in Dota 2?✍️
Behavior score is a feature in Dota 2 that measures a player’s conduct within the game. It can affect matchmaking and in-game communication.

3. ✍️Can behavior-boosting services lead to a ban in Dota 2?✍️
Yes, utilizing behavior-boosting services is against Valve’s Terms of Service and can lead to account suspension or banning.


Mason’s journey in Dota 2 has been tumultuous, with controversies surrounding his behavior and account status. As he continues to navigate through the challenges, it is evident that maintaining a positive and respectful approach is crucial for the longevity of his gaming career.

In conclusion, Mason’s achievement in reaching 8K MMR is noteworthy, but addressing his behavioral issues and respecting the game’s terms and conditions is paramount for sustenance and growth in the gaming community.

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