Is Juice WRLD Coming to Fortnite?

It’s a known fact that Fortnite loves the big stage. With more Season 5 Chapter 1 updates incoming, community hype is skyrocketing. Many fans are looking forward to upcoming collabs, and leaks suggest more exciting features that’ll drop into the Battle Royale soon.

However, the community has been buzzing about a potential collaboration with the late rapper Juice WRLD. Previously, we’ve seen famous musicians like Ariana Grande and Travis Scott gracing the Battle Royale, making the possibility of a Juice WRLD concert high. In this article, we’ll take a look at whether Juice WRLD is coming to Fortnite or not.

Is a Juice Wrld Concert Coming to Fortnite?

Fortnite has a long history of exciting events and collaborations. Right from in-game concerts to exclusive skins based on popular celebrities, we’ve seen everything coming to the popular Battle Royale. However, the rumors of a potential collab between Fortnite and late rapper Juice WRLD have been swirling up for quite some time now. Fans have been hoping that they’ll be able to see the iconic artist’s presence in the game.

Last year, Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5’s trailer featured Juice WRLD’s music, which led to many speculating that a potential collaboration was coming in the near future. What added more to rumors was the fact that X accounts that posted the teaser trailer with the late rapper’s music were struck with DMCA strikes due to the use of copyrighted music in the trailer.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s any Juice WRLD concert planned for Fortnite at the moment. A few months ago, a leaker claimed that an Epic Games employee confirmed that Juice WLRD’s song in the previous chapter’s trailer was not intended to tease a Fortnite collaboration with the late artist. The employee also confirmed Fortnite has no plans to collaborate with Juice WRLD.

The confirmation disappointed many fans who were expecting to see their favorite rapper in Fortnite. Fortnite x Juice WRLD will undoubtedly be a spectacular experience for all players, just like the previous concerts held by artists such as Ariana Grande and Travis Scott.

While the collaboration might never happen, it’s Fortnite we’re talking about; they’ve collaborated with all the top artists around the world. Each new season allows Epic Games to roll out more cosmetics and partnerships; one of those days, we might see a Juice WRLD concert dropping into the Battle Royale.


1. Will Juice WRLD be featured in Fortnite in the future?

As of now, there are no plans for a Juice WRLD concert or collaboration in Fortnite. While there were previous speculations and fan anticipation, an Epic Games employee confirmed that there are no current plans for such a collaboration.

2. Has Fortnite collaborated with other musicians in the past?

Yes, Fortnite has a history of collaborating with famous musicians such as Ariana Grande and Travis Scott, who have hosted in-game concerts. These collaborations are highly anticipated by the Fortnite community and are known for offering a unique and immersive experience to players.


In conclusion, although there were rumors and speculations surrounding a potential collaboration between Juice WRLD and Fortnite, it has been confirmed that there are currently no plans for such a collaboration. However, given Fortnite’s history of collaborating with top artists, it remains a possibility in the future. Fans can continue to look forward to upcoming updates and collaborations in the popular Battle Royale game.

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