IQOO Soul Emerges Victorious in Upthrust Esports BGMI Multiverse Series Final Showdown

Upthrust Esports BGMI Multiverse Series Final Showdown concluded with IQOO Soul claiming the championship title after three days of intense battles. This event witnessed fierce competition as seasoned squads vied for supremacy. In a stunning display of skill and determination, IQOO Soul made a remarkable comeback on the last day of the event and emerged as the champion.

IQOO Soul secured the top position and took home a prize of INR 1 Lakh. Orangutan secured the second position and was awarded INR 75,000, while Reckoning Esports claimed the third spot and received INR 50,000.

Additionally, individual performances were recognized with special awards. Tushar “Gamlaboy” Das was named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the event for his exceptional performance, securing 35 finishes. He was also awarded a sum of INR 25,000 in recognition of his outstanding contribution to his team’s success.

Overall Standings

IQOO Soul secured the top position in the overall standings with 196 points, including 5 chicken dinners and 115 finish points. After an impressive comeback on the final day of the event, the team’s remarkable performance sealed their victory. Orangutan, who had dominated the first two days of the event, slipped to the second spot with 156 points and three chicken dinners. Reckoning Esports showed aggressive gameplay and secured the third position with 155 points, 101 of which were earned through finishes.

Other notable positions in the overall standings included Team Tamilas in fourth place with 135 points and three chicken dinners, Carnival Gaming in fifth place with 127 points and a chicken dinner, and Entity Gaming in sixth place with 115 points, including one chicken dinner.

Event Highlights

The Upthrust Esports BGMI Multiverse Series Final Showdown showcased fierce competition among seasoned teams such as IQOO Soul, Orangutan, and Reckoning Esports. While the emerging squad of TWM Gaming displayed promising performances, it was unable to secure a top position against the seasoned teams. Experienced teams like Team 8Bit, OR Esports, and Medal Esports faced challenges and placed at the bottom of the points table due to inconsistent performances across all three days of the event.

Overall, the event provided a thrilling platform for teams to showcase their skills and strategies, captivating audiences with electrifying battles and captivating gameplay.


Q: What is the significance of the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award?

The Most Valuable Player (MVP) award recognizes an individual player’s exceptional performance and contribution to their team’s success throughout the event. It is a testament to the player’s skill, strategic acumen, and overall impact on the outcome of matches.

Q: How are the points calculated in the Upthrust Esports BGMI Multiverse Series Final Showdown?

Points in the event are calculated based on a combination of chicken dinners (victories) and finish points earned by teams in each match. Chicken dinners and finish points contribute to the overall standings, determining the ranking of teams in the competition.


The Upthrust Esports BGMI Multiverse Series Final Showdown showcased the fierce competitive spirit and strategic prowess of the participating teams. IQOO Soul’s remarkable comeback and ultimate victory underscored the thrilling and unpredictable nature of esports tournaments, leaving fans and competitors alike on the edge of their seats. The event served as a testament to the dynamism and excitement inherent in the world of competitive gaming, and it undoubtedly left a lasting impression on all those who witnessed it.

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