How to Resolve the “TFGE0002” Error in The Finals

The Finals, a popular free-to-play FPS game, has gained significant traction with over 10 million active players. However, some players have encountered the “TFGE0002” error, which leads to sudden disconnection from the game servers. While there are no official fixes for this error, several potential solutions can help resolve this issue for affected players.

Possible Solutions to Fix the “TFGE0002” Error in The Finals

The “TFGE0002” error can be caused by connectivity issues with the player’s internet service provider (ISP) or the installation of certain exploits. Here are some steps to address this issue:

  1. Update The Finals to Its Latest Version: Ensure that the game is running on the latest version to avoid any discrepancies. Enable auto-update on Steam or follow the game’s official channels for updates.
  2. Check the Server Status of The Finals: Verify that the game servers are active in the player’s region and ensure there are no issues with their internet connection.
  3. Change Region Settings From Automatic to Your Specific Location: Set the region to the player’s specific area to connect to a nearby server, maintaining a stable connection.
  4. Verify the Integrity of Your Game Files From Steam: Use Steam to check for and replace corrupt or missing game files that may cause the error.
  5. Reinstall The Finals: Reinstall the game to establish a fresh connection to the servers, potentially resolving the error.
  6. Relink Your Steam and Embark Accounts: If previous methods fail, consider relinking the user’s accounts, although this may result in the loss of progress and in-game items.

If these steps do not resolve the error, players can also seek support from Embark Studios for further troubleshooting.


What is the “TFGE0002” error in The Finals?

The “TFGE0002” error in The Finals indicates a sudden disconnection from the game’s servers, resulting in a loss of connection to the game.

Why is the game kicking me out with the “TFGE0002” error?

The “TFGE0002” error can occur due to connectivity issues with the player’s ISP, server location settings, or corrupt game files.

Will reinstalling the game fix the “TFGE0002” error?

Reinstalling the game might resolve the “TFGE0002” error by establishing a new connection to the servers and addressing potential issues with game files.


The “TFGE0002” error in The Finals can be frustrating for players, but with the aforementioned solutions, they can attempt to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. Following these steps, such as updating to the latest version, checking server status, and verifying game file integrity, can help restore a stable connection to the game servers. However, if the issue persists, contacting Embark Studios for further assistance is recommended.

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