How to Obtain Refined Ingots in Palworld

Palworld, a popular game with over 4 million copies sold in just 3 days, requires players to collect resources and craft items to survive. One crucial resource is the Refined Ingot, necessary for creating weapons, armor, and other useful items. Here’s how you can obtain them.

How to Craft Refined Ingots in Palworld?

Before crafting Refined Ingots, you’ll need various resources such as:
– Ores: These can be found in the game’s biomes, often near your base. You’ll need a pickaxe to mine them.
– Coal: This rare mineral is found in specific regions, such as the Sand Dunes in the Desert biome, the southern part of the Mount Obsidian Lava biome, and the Twilight Dunes region.

To craft Refined Ingots, you’ll need to build an Improved Furnace, which unlocks at level 34. The following resources are needed to build it:
– 100 Stones
– 30 Cement
– 15 Flame Organ

Once you have gathered all the necessary resources, place the Improved Furnace on the ground and craft Refined Ingots by spending 2 Ores and 2 Coal each. You can also assign the smelting task to a Pal with Kindling Work attributes for large quantities.


Q: Where can I find Ores in Palworld?

A: Ores can be found in most biomes, often near your base. If you have trouble finding them, head to the Plateau of Beginnings (coordinates 233, -505).

Q: What are the locations to find Coal in Palworld?

A: Coal can be found in the Sand Dunes in the Desert biome, the southern part of the Mount Obsidian Lava biome, and the Twilight Dunes region close to the Anubis spawn point (coordinates -135, -93).

Q: How can I obtain Cement, Bones, and Pal Fluids in Palworld?

A: Cement can be crafted by combining 1 Bone, 50 Stones, and 1 Pal fluid. Bones can be obtained from specific Pals, and Pal Fluids can be acquired from killing water-type Pals.

Q: How can I gather Flame Organs in Palworld?

A: Flame Organs can be obtained from fire-type Pals like the Foxparks.


Crafting Refined Ingots in Palworld requires strategic gathering of Ores, Coal, and other resources, as well as the construction of an Improved Furnace. Once you’ve assembled everything, you can easily craft Refined Ingots to advance in the game.

By understanding the game’s mechanics and resource locations, players can efficiently progress and craft essential items for their survival and success in Palworld.

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