How to Obtain and Use Flour in Palworld?

Palworld is an engaging game that encompasses various mechanics to provide players with a captivating survival and monster-catching experience. One crucial aspect of the game is taking care of Pals by providing them with nutritious food resources. Flour is a key ingredient used to prepare a variety of dishes such as Cake, Bread, Pancakes, and Jam-filled Bun. Here’s how players can acquire and use Flour in Palworld.

How Can You Obtain Flour in Palworld?

Flour in Palworld is derived from wheat and is primarily used to create Cake, an essential component of Palworld’s breeding system. To obtain Flour, players need to process wheat using a Mill. It’s important to note that it takes 3 quantities of wheat to produce 1 quantity of Flour.

Wheat can be acquired from Pals like Dinossum and Flopie in the game. Dinossum can be found in abundance near the Plateau of Beginnings teleport point. Alternatively, players can purchase Wheat from a Wandering Merchant for 100 Gold each. The first merchant can be located in the Small Settlement fast travel point at coordinates 75, -478.

To create an autonomous source of wheat, players need to obtain Wheat Seeds from Pals or Merchants and then harvest them into wheat using a Plantation unlocked at Technology Tree level 15. Once the Wheat Plantation is operational, players can build a Mill to obtain Flour, which also unlocks at Technology Tree level 15 and requires 2 Tech points to unlock its schematics.

However, the process does not end here. Players also need a Water-type Pal such as Penking, Celaray, or Surfent to operate the Mill. Once acquired, these Pals can help with tasks such as farming, watering, and transporting both wheat and Flour into the player’s storage chests.


1. What are the main uses of Flour in Palworld?

Flour is used in Palworld to create various food items for Pals, such as Cake, Bread, Pancakes, and Jam-filled Bun. It is also an essential component in the breeding system of the game.

2. Where can players acquire Wheat Seeds in Palworld?

Wheat Seeds can be obtained from Pals or purchased from Merchants in Palworld. Players can also harvest Wheat Seeds from the surrounding environment as they progress in the game.

3. How can players obtain a Water-type Pal in Palworld?

Water-type Pals such as Penking, Celaray, and Surfent can be captured from specific locations in the game, such as wildlife sanctuaries or respawn points near bodies of water.

4. Are there other uses for Flour in Palworld besides cooking?

Apart from cooking, Flour also has potential uses in crafting and building within the game, depending on the specific updates and expansions released by the game developers.


Acquiring and using Flour in Palworld is an essential part of providing care for Pals and progressing in the game. By following the steps outlined above and utilizing the necessary Pals and tools, players can effectively obtain and use Flour to create various food items and support their gameplay experience in Palworld.

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