How to Nurture and Aid Your Pals in Palworld

Palworld is a thrilling world filled with adventures and companions. As you journey through the game, you’ll come across situations where your Pals might need healing and reviving. Healing your Pals is essential to keep them in top shape for combat, and reviving them is crucial to restore their vitality. Let’s delve into the details of how to ensure your Pals are always at their best.

How to Revive Incapacitated Pals in Palworld

If your Pals get incapacitated during battles, you can revive them by carrying them back to your base and depositing them inside the Palbox from your Party. After a waiting period of 10 minutes, your Pals will be restored to life and ready to go about their tasks around the base. This is the only method available to rescue incapacitated Pals in the game.

Healing Injured Pals in Palworld

Healing your Pals is a straightforward process. In the Inventory, under the Party tab, you’ll find their health and hunger bars. Keeping the hunger bar above a certain level will enable your Pals to regenerate HP automatically. It’s important to note that Pals cannot heal while actively in your party. You’ll receive notifications if your companions go hungry, and their stats can also be viewed on the base info tab of your settlements. Additionally, once you reach level 10, you can set up an Auto Feeder that will ensure a continuous supply of food resources to keep your Pals fed and healthy.

How to Cure Your Pals From Various Ailments

Palpagos Islands can subject your Pals to various ailments. To counteract these issues, the game provides different medical supplies for treatment:

  • Cold and Sprain: Low-Grade Medical Supplies
  • Fracture and Ulcer: Medical Supplies
  • Weakened and Depressed: High-Grade Medical Supplies

Crafting the aforementioned medical supplies can aid in healing your Pals. Low-Grade Supplies require x5 Red Berries and x2 Horns, and can also be purchased from wandering merchants for 240 Gold each. Medical Supplies can be bought for 800 Gold or crafted using x3 Ingots, x3 Horns, and x1 Bone. High-Grade Medical Supplies, on the other hand, can be purchased for 3000 Gold. Utilizing Pals with Medicine Production Suitability can also assist in crafting these supplies efficiently.


Q: Can I heal my Pals while they are in my party?

A: No, Pals cannot heal while actively in your party. They require proper rest and feeding to regenerate HP.

Q: How do I know if my Pals are hungry?

A: You will receive notifications if your Pals are hungry. Additionally, their hunger status can be viewed in the Party tab of the Inventory.

Q: Where can I find merchants to purchase medical supplies from?

A: You can find wandering merchants in the game from whom you can purchase medical supplies. Keep an eye out for them during your explorations.


Ensuring the well-being of your Pals is crucial for success in Palworld. By understanding the methods to revive, heal, and cure your companions, you can provide them with the care they need to thrive in the game. With the right approach and resources, you can ensure that your Pals are always ready for any challenges that come their way.

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