How to Maximize Storage in Palworld

The amount of storage available in Palworld can be quite limiting and can hinder your progress in the game. Here are some recommended strategies to get more storage for your chests and furniture in Palworld.

Unlock Larger Chests and Containers

As you level up in Palworld, you’ll unlock blueprints for bigger and better storage options. These upgrades offer more storage space allowing you to hoard materials more effectively.

  • Wooden Barrel Shelf (Level 8): Offers 15 slots, a nice upgrade from the basic Wooden Chest.
  • Antique Wardrobe (Level 14): Provides 20 slots and is slightly more organized than the Barrel Shelf.
  • Metal Chest (Level 16): Offers 25 slots, is durable and secure.
  • Large Container (Level 32): Provides 40 slots, perfect for bulk storage.
  • Refined Metal Chest (Level 39): Offers a whopping 50 slots, making it the largest chest currently available in Palworld.

Strategic Chest Placement

Strategic placement of chests can also help you maximize your storage space and efficiency in Palworld.

  • Palbox Range: Chests placed within your Palbox’s range can be accessed by your Pals, allowing them to deposit and retrieve items automatically. This can be helpful for organizing resources near mining or harvesting areas.
  • Multiple Chests: Instead of relying on one central storage, scatter smaller chests around your base for specific purposes. This makes finding and using items quicker and more convenient.

By combining these strategies, you can significantly increase your storage capacity in Palworld, allowing you to better manage and organize your materials.


Q: Can I expand storage capacity beyond the listed options?

A: Currently, the listed chests and containers represent the maximum storage capacity available in Palworld. There are no other options to expand storage capacity beyond this at the moment.

Q: Are there any in-game purchases to increase storage?

A: At present, there are no in-game purchases available to directly increase storage capacity in Palworld.

Q: Do storage upgrades affect gameplay?

A: Yes, increasing your storage capacity can significantly enhance your gameplay experience by allowing you to hoard materials, resources, and items without the worry of running out of space.


Effective management of storage space is crucial for success in Palworld. By unlocking larger chests and containers, and strategically placing them around your base, you can ensure that you have ample space to hoard materials and items, enabling you to progress more efficiently in the game.

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