How to Get Handgun Ammo in Palworld

In Palworld, handgun ammo is the primary ammunition type used for pistols, which are essential ranged weapons. Pistols provide a reliable means to deal ranged damage to hostile wild animals and Syndicate enemies. They offer a higher fire rate and often greater firepower compared to bows, making them effective for self-defense and hunting powerful prey. It’s crucial to always keep a stock of handgun ammo in Palworld, and this guide will help you do just that.

How to Purchase Handgun Ammo in Palworld

Vendors: The easiest way to acquire ammo is to purchase it from vendors. Several merchants throughout the game sell handgun ammo, including:

  • Dune Shelter: Located on the far east island, this shelter has a vendor who sells various ammo types, including handgun rounds.
  • Wanderer Merchants: These traveling merchants occasionally stock handgun ammo. Keep an eye out for their purple caravan symbol on the map.
  • Pal Merchants: Once you befriend and recruit Pal Merchants to your base, they’ll occasionally offer handgun ammo for sale.

How to Craft Handgun Ammo in Palworld

Weapons Workbench: If you’re feeling crafty, you can manufacture your own handgun ammo at the Weapons Workbench. Coarse Ammo, used by the Makeshift Handgun and Musket, requires only Sulfur and Gunpowder. More advanced ammo types for later-game pistols will have additional crafting requirements.

How to Loot Handgun Ammo in Palworld

Defeating Enemies: Syndicate foes and some wild creatures have a chance to drop handgun ammo upon defeat. This can be a reliable source of early-game ammo, but the drop rate can be inconsistent.

Chests and Containers: Exploring abandoned settlements, dungeons, and other hidden locations can reward you with stashes of ammo, including handgun rounds.

Befriending Flambelle: This fiery Pal has a chance to drop Handgun Ammo when tamed or befriended. You can find Flambelle near Mount Obsidian and the Sealed Realm of the Swift.


1. Are there any other methods to acquire handgun ammo in Palworld?

Aside from purchasing, crafting, and looting, players can also occasionally receive handgun ammo as a reward for completing certain quests and tasks in the game.

2. What is the typical cost of purchasing handgun ammo from vendors in Palworld?

The cost of handgun ammo may vary among different vendors but generally ranges from Pal Coins to materials such as gold or other in-game resources.

3. Can players trade handgun ammo with other players in Palworld?

Yes, players can engage in trading activities with other players, allowing them to exchange resources, including handgun ammo, for other items or currency.


Ensuring a steady supply of handgun ammo is crucial for success in Palworld. Players have various options to obtain this essential resource, whether it’s through purchasing from vendors, crafting at the Weapons Workbench, or looting it from defeated enemies and hidden locations. By utilizing these methods, players can stay well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the game.

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