How to Farm Pure Quartz for Circuit Boards in Palworld

The Palpagos Islands in Palworld are teeming with resources needed to craft items and build structures. One of the essential materials is Pure Quartz, used specifically for making Circuit Boards. Whether you’re seeking resources for personal use or to trade with other players, establishing a Pure Quartz farm can be beneficial in acquiring this elusive resource.

Finding Pure Quartz in Palworld

Pure Quartz can be mined from various regions across the Palpagos Islands, with the snowy biome in the northwest being a prominent location. To start farming Pure Quartz, teleport to Unthawable Lake and head west toward Pristine Snow Field. The mining site is located between these two points at coordinates -211, -250.

It’s important to note that the Frostbound Mountains in the north have dangerously low temperatures, so be sure to equip yourself with Cold Resistant Armor and Thermal Underwear to stay warm. You’ll also encounter high-level foes, so bring a Fire-type Pal and your best weapons. This mining site offers over 6 nodes of Pure Quartz, identifiable by their slightly dark, crystal-like appearance.

Another location for Pure Quartz is in the Greenlands of the mountain, specifically between Icy Weasel Hill and No Man’s Trail (-32, 91). The advantage of this area is that you don’t need Cold-resistant gear, but you will still encounter hostile Pals in the level 25 to 40 range.

Establishing a Pure Quartz Farm

To set up a Quartz farm, build a base in the aforementioned areas and provide the necessary items and resources for your Pals to sustain themselves. Once your settlement is established, craft storage boxes and assign Pals to the base to create an autonomous Pure Quartz mining farm. Some of the best Pals for this task include Digtoise, Repytro, Menasting, Helzephyr, Wumpo, Wumpo Botan, Astegon, and Blazemut.


What are some tips for surviving in the snowy biome while mining Pure Quartz?

To survive in the snowy biome, equip yourself with Cold Resistant Armor and Thermal Underwear to combat the low temperatures. Additionally, bring a Fire-type Pal and powerful weapons to fend off high-level foes.

Can I trade Pure Quartz with other players?

Yes, Pure Quartz can be traded with other players, making it a valuable resource for both personal use and trading within the Palworld community.

Are there any other uses for Pure Quartz aside from Circuit Boards?

Currently, Pure Quartz is primarily used for crafting Circuit Boards. However, future updates may introduce additional uses for this resource.


Establishing a Pure Quartz farm in Palworld can provide a sustainable source of this essential resource for crafting Circuit Boards. By strategically choosing mining locations and setting up an autonomous farming operation, players can streamline the resource-gathering process, allowing them to focus on other aspects of the game. Additionally, trading Pure Quartz with other players can create opportunities for collaboration and economic growth within the Palworld community.

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