How to Farm Fiber and What Are Its Uses in Palworld?

The Palpagos Islands are rife with essential resources, and one such resource is Fiber. As players delve deeper into the game, the need for Fiber increases significantly. This article will guide you on how to acquire a substantial amount of Fiber and explore its myriad uses in Palworld.

How to Farm Fiber in Palworld?

Fiber can be harvested in small quantities while chopping down trees for Wood. However, to meet the escalating demands for Fiber in the mid-game phase, the game introduces the Crusher at Technology Tree level 8. This structure requires

  • X50 Wood
  • X20 Stone
  • X10 Paldium Fragments

to be constructed.

While Wood and Stone can be readily gathered from the environment, Paldium Fragments can be obtained by breaking down Blue Paldium Nodes typically found near water bodies. Once the Crusher is built, a Pal with Watering suitability such as Penking, Pengullet, Surfent, Fuack, Dumud, Celery, or others, can be assigned to operate it. Alternatively, automation can be achieved by using Lumbering and Transporting Pals in tandem with Watering Pals.

Apart from using the Crusher, Fiber can also be obtained as drops from Pals like Hoocrates, Hangyu, and Hangyu Cryst. Hoocrates, in particular, is abundant in the southeastern region of the Palpagos Islands and is a nocturnal being, while Hangyu and Hangyu Cryst have specific habitats.

What Are the Uses of Fiber in Palworld?

Fiber is a versatile resource with a multitude of uses in Palworld. It is used to craft a wide array of items including but not limited to shelters, tools, and equipment essential for survival and progression in the game.


Q: Can Fiber be obtained from any specific types of trees?
A: Fiber can be obtained from any type of tree while gathering Wood, without any tree-specific limitations.

Q: Can the Crusher be upgraded to increase Fiber output?
A: The Crusher cannot be directly upgraded to increase Fiber output, but using specialized Pals can optimize the production process.

Q: Are there other uses of Fiber besides crafting?
A: Yes, Fiber is also used in various processes including making ropes, fabrics, and other construction materials.


In Palworld, Fiber is a fundamental resource that plays a crucial role in crafting and progression. By utilizing the Crusher and understanding the various methods of obtaining Fiber, players can ensure a steady supply of this resource to meet their ever-growing needs in the game. Understanding the uses of Fiber is vital for efficient gameplay and sustaining both the player and their Pals in the challenging environments of the Palpagos Islands.

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