How to Craft Nail and What Are Its Uses?

➤ How to Craft Nails and Their Uses in Palworld

In Palworld, crafting Nails is an essential part of progressing into the mid to late-game stages, as they are used in creating various structures, weapons, and tools necessary for gameplay. To start producing Nails, players need to reach level 10 in the Technology Tree and unlock the schematics. Once you’ve acquired the recipe, you can follow these steps to craft Nails and utilize them in various items and structures.

✔️ How to Craft Nails in Palworld

To craft Nails, players need the following raw materials and structures:

– Primitive Furnace
– Primitive Workbench
– Ore

Once you reach level 10, you must spend 1 Tech point to unlock the Nails’ schematics. Additionally, you need to unlock the Primitive Furnace, which is also available at level 10. This requires spending 3 Tech points and gathering the following resources to build it:
– X3 Flame Organ
– X20 Wood
– X50 Stone

Flame Organs can be obtained from Fire-type Pals such as Foxparks, found in specific locations within the game. Once you’ve constructed the Primitive Furnace, you can collect Ore by mining boulders around your base. After gathering Ore, you can deposit it into the Primitive Furnace and assign a suitable Pal to turn it into Ingots. These Ingots can then be used to craft Nails using the Primitive Workbench, with one Ingot producing 2 Nails.

To automate the production process, you can assign Pals with Mining, Kindling, Handiwork, and Transporting suitabilities to acquire Ore, smelt them into Ingots, craft the Nails, and deposit them into a nearby chest.

✔️ What Items Can You Craft Using Nails in Palworld?

Nails are used in creating a wide range of items in Palworld, including structures like Beds, Lamps, Wardrobes, Bookshelves, Assembly Lines, and Workbenches. They are also used in crafting weapons such as Crossbows, Mounted Machine Guns, and Mounted Missile Launchers. Some notable items that require Nails include:

– Large Toolbox
– Locker
– Sphere Workbench
– Wooden Shelf
– Sphere Assembly Line
– Weapon Assembly Line
– Production Assembly Line
– Refined Metal Chest
– Fine Bed
– High-Quality Workbench

Overall, Nails play a crucial role in advancing through the game and constructing essential items for your settlements in Palworld.


✔️ Q: Can Nails be obtained as drops from Pals in Palworld?
A: No, Nails need to be manufactured at your base and cannot be obtained as drops from other Pals in Palworld.

✔️ Q: What raw materials are required to craft Nails?
A: To craft Nails, you need a Primitive Furnace, Primitive Workbench, and Ore, as well as the ability to smelt Ingots.

✔️ Q: What are some key items that require Nails in their crafting recipes?
A: Nails are used in crafting various items such as Beds, Lamps, Weapons, Assembly Lines, and Workbenches in Palworld.

➤ Conclusion

Crafting Nails in Palworld is a crucial step toward progressing into the mid to late-game stages. By following the outlined process and utilizing the right Pals with specific abilities, players can efficiently produce Nails and use them to craft essential structures, weapons, and tools for their settlements. Mastering the art of Nail production opens up a multitude of possibilities for players to enhance their gameplay experience in Palworld.

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