How Many Levels Are There in Monopoly GO?

Monopoly GO! has introduced a fresh take on the classic Monopoly game, infusing it with a mobile-focused approach. It offers a quick and interactive experience with a diverse selection of boards, each with its unique theme and landmarks. Players have the opportunity to unlock new boards as they progress, which presents fresh environments and challenges.

Monopoly GO!’s Leveling System Explained

Monopoly GO! delivers an unconventional leveling system and progression structure:

  • More than 500 unique boards can be unlocked and played on, with the promise of continuous additions, potentially surpassing 600 boards in the near future.
  • Players’ net worth increases as they purchase properties, complete sets, and earn rewards. This enables them to access various net worth tiers that offer augmented rewards, new dice, and heightened positions on the global leaderboard. While these tiers aren’t expressly labeled as levels, they impart a sense of advancement and achievement. The highest recorded net worth tier reached by a player to date is 1774.

How to Increase Your Level in Monopoly GO!

In Monopoly GO!, the progression and achievement are represented by net worth tiers instead of traditional levels. Advancing through these tiers entails:

  • Building a property portfolio: Purchasing and developing properties on a board escalates net worth. Completing color sets by owning all properties of the same color yields a substantial boost.
  • Upgrading landmarks: Investing in the landmarks on each board enhances their rent-generating capacity and augments net worth.
  • Completing challenges: Throughout the game, various challenges offer net worth rewards upon completion.

So, while Monopoly GO! doesn’t adhere to a fixed level structure, it provides abundant content and challenges to captivate players as they unlock new boards and ascend the net worth tiers. The game’s ongoing nature allows players to continue discovering and playing as long as they delight in the experience.


How many levels are available in Monopoly GO?

Monopoly GO doesn’t have a traditional set number of levels. Instead, it offers over 500 unique boards that can be unlocked and played on, with more boards continually being added.

What determines progression in Monopoly GO?

Progression in Monopoly GO is determined by a player’s net worth, which increases through purchasing properties, completing sets, and earning rewards. Climbing net worth tiers provides access to enhanced rewards and benefits.

How can I increase my level in Monopoly GO?

To increase your level in Monopoly GO, focus on building a property portfolio, upgrading landmarks, and completing challenges. These activities contribute to your net worth and enable progress through the game’s tiered system.


Monopoly GO introduces a dynamic and innovative approach to progression through its unique board unlocking and net worth tiers, delivering an engaging and ever-evolving experience for players. Players can look forward to an extensive array of boards and challenges to navigate while enjoying the game’s ongoing journey and rewards system.

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