Here Are All the Games Coming to Playstation Plus Subscribers in January 2024

# Exciting Games Coming to Playstation Plus in January 2024

Every month, Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription brings a variety of titles for players to add to their collection. These games are available to members across all tiers and they are free to claim and play them on their consoles. Sony has announced three quality titles, two of which can be played on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. These games will be the first to enter the PlayStation Games Catalog of 2024 and will be available until the end of January.

➤ PlayStation Plus Games of January 2024

✍️A Plague Tale: Requiem (PlayStation 5)✍️
This worthy sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence follows the adventures of siblings Hugo and Amicia as they travel far south to newer regions of the world after they escape from the ruins of their homeland. While they attempt to live a peaceful life, Hugo’s mysterious rat-controlling abilities emerge once again, causing them to flee their new home in search of an Island that might finally save Hugo from his own power. This 2022 game will be available for PlayStation 5 users from 2nd January.

✍️Evil West (PlayStation 4 and 5)✍️
Evil West is a 2022 third-person shooter where players step into the shoes of Jesse Rentier, one of the last vampire hunters belonging to the Clandestine organization, who is tasked with protecting the American Frontier from terrifying supernatural monsters. You are provided an array of weapons and gadgets ranging from revolvers, rifles, bombs, and spike traps to flamethrowers and a gauntlet capable of harnessing electrical powers. The game also lets you take advantage of its environment during combat scenarios which makes for enticing gameplay.

✍️Nobody Saves the World (PlayStation 4 and 5)✍️
This 2022 title made by DrinkBox Studios is a unique dungeon-crawling RPG where you master the art of transformation and transfigure yourself as various entities. Players can unlock over 15 distinctive forms such as Rats, Rogue, Robot, Slug, Ghost, Dragon, etc. You also undertake weird yet compelling quests to save the world from re-awakened ancient calamities. Combining that with an amazing soundtrack and co-op gameplay makes this game very appealing to 2D-style RPG fans.

In addition to these three titles, subscribers also get access to an exclusive Warframe Syrinx collection comprising various in-game items like weapons, armor, consumables, and currency to be used in Warframe regardless of whether you are a new or returning player.

➤ FAQs

✍️Q: Are these games only available for a limited time?✍️
A: Yes, these games are available to claim and play for the duration of January 2024.

✍️Q: Can I play these games on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5?✍️
A: Two of the games announced, Evil West and Nobody Saves the World, can be played on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

✍️Q: If I am a new or returning player, can I still claim the exclusive Warframe Syrinx collection?✍️
A: Yes, the Warframe Syrinx collection is available for all subscribers, whether you are new to the game or returning to it.

➤ Conclusion
As the first games to enter the PlayStation Games Catalog of 2024, the January lineup for PlayStation Plus looks intriguing with A Plague Tale: Requiem, Evil West, and Nobody Saves the World. Subscribers also have the added bonus of the exclusive Warframe Syrinx collection, making it an exciting start to the new year for PlayStation players.

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