Habitats, Breeding Combinations, Uses, and More

✍️All About Depresso in Palworld✍️

Palworld, a game with an extensive list of 138 creatures, features Depresso, a Dark elemental creature known for its adorable appearance and early-game efficiency. Here’s everything you need to know about its habitats, work suitabilities, stats, breeding combos, and more.

✍️Where Can You Find Depresso in Palworld?✍️

Depresso can be found outside the Plateau of Beginnings in Grassy Behemoth Hills, making it an abundant early game Pal. It’s important to note that being nocturnal, it can only be hunted down at night. Players can find them spread across the entire southern coast of the map and even in certain western regions.

It’s relatively easy to hunt down, but players can also use a Dragon-type Pal, as the Dark Pal is weak against it. Upon successfully capturing it, players receive the “Caffeine Inoculation” partner skill, which significantly increases its movement speed, enhancing its efficiency for various tasks. Additionally, Depresso can also be spotted as an Alpha Pal in Hillside Caverns and Isolated Island Cavern dungeons, offering extra challenges and rewards to players.

✍️Breeding Combinations for Depresso in Palworld✍️

For players who prefer not to venture out during the night, there are breeding combinations to spawn Depresso by combining the opposite genders of specific Pals. Additionally, Depresso can be used to breed numerous other Pals, making it a versatile creature in the game.

Here are the stats of Depresso (Paldeck No 017):
– HP: 70
– Defense: 70
– Melee: 70
– Attack: 70
– Food: 2

Furthermore, Depresso possesses several potent passive skills like “Handiwork,” “Transport,” and “Mining” suitabilities, making it an excellent worker for your base, especially during the early-game stage.


1. Q: Are there any specific strategies for capturing Depresso?
A: While it can be hunted down at night, using a Dragon-type Pal is recommended as Depresso is weak against it.

2. Q: What rewards can players expect from capturing an Alpha Depresso?
A: Players will receive the “Venom Gland” as a drop, which is used to craft various poisonous items like Arrows and Gloves.

3. Q: Can Depresso be used in combat, or is it primarily a worker Pal?
A: Although it possesses decent attacks, it’s more useful as a worker Pal due to its potent passive skills.


Depresso in Palworld is more than just a cute face. It serves as a reliable worker Pal with its impressive work suitabilities and breeding potentials. Whether you’re looking for a hardworking creature for your base or aiming to explore its breeding combinations, Depresso offers a broad range of uses for players to explore in the game.

In conclusion, from its distinct habitats to its versatile breeding combinations, Depresso adds a unique dimension to the Palworld gaming experience, making it a sought-after and valuable creature for players at every stage of the game.

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