Gorgc Receives Voice Chat Ban in Dota 2 Due to Poor Communication Score

If you are unfamiliar with the new player behavior and communication score system in Dota 2, it’s essential to note that Valve introduced these features in 2023 via the Summer Client update. These scores hold significant importance, as they directly impact a player’s in-game experience. When a player’s communication score or behavior score falls below a certain threshold, it results in penalties that affect gameplay.

In a surprising turn of events, popular streamer and content creator Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski’s communication score decreased live on stream, leading to him being voice chat banned in Dota 2 on his account.

✍️Gorgc’s Communication Score Dips, Resulting in Voice Chat Ban✍️

During a live stream, Gorgc was greeted by a notification revealing his communication score, which had dropped to 7,439. As a consequence, his ability to use voice chat, coach, and ping allies was disabled.

Expressing his astonishment, Gorgc exclaimed, “I lost 1000 [communication] score? Dude! I swear I have not even flamed that much. I literally have not flamed that much… Do you understand what’s being done to me in the past few games?”

The streamer then went through his match history to investigate if he had been genuinely toxic in voice chat, attributing the decline in his communication score to his status as a streamer.

✍️Valve’s Intention Behind the Player Behavior System✍️

When Valve introduced the Summer Client Update in 2023, the company aimed to enhance the overall Dota 2 experience for all players. In addition to introducing new armory and rendering features, Valve unveiled the new “Player Behavior System” for the MOBA game. The system’s primary objective was to foster an environment where teamwork and positive communication are prioritized, ultimately leading to enjoyable gaming experiences.

Valve expressed that the best Dota 2 games occur when teams collaborate to achieve victory, while undesirable experiences arise from teammate conflicts and toxic interactions. This led to the introduction of the player behavior features to maintain the positive aspects of the game.

✍️Impact of Behavior and Communication Scores✍️

Valve made it clear that a player’s behavior score, capped at 12,000, affects not only matchmaking but also determines the features they have access to, such as post-game item drops, game pausing, and ranked play. Similarly, a player’s communication score, also capped at 12,000, influences their ability to ping ally abilities, coach, tip teammates, and use text and voice chat.

✍️Mason’s Behavior Scores and Controversy✍️

Another streamer, Mason “mason” Venne, recently faced scrutiny as he witnessed poor scores on his new account. He pledged to adopt a “PMA” (positive mental attitude) after resorting to behavior-boosting services, a practice explicitly prohibited by Valve’s Terms of Service.

The focus on maintaining positive behavior and communication within the Dota 2 community reflects Valve’s commitment to promoting a welcoming and inclusive gaming environment.


1. ✍️What is a communication score in Dota 2?✍️
– A communication score in Dota 2 is a measure of a player’s ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with teammates through voice and text chats.

2. ✍️How does the behavior score impact gameplay in Dota 2?✍️
– A player’s behavior score affects matchmaking and determines access to various in-game features and privileges, such as post-game rewards, game pausing, and ranked play.

3. ✍️Can behavior-boosting services lead to penalties in Dota 2?✍️
– Yes, utilizing behavior-boosting services is against Valve’s Terms of Service and can result in penalties or restrictions on a player’s account.

✍️In Conclusion✍️

Gorgc’s experience sheds light on the significance of maintaining positive communication and behavior within the Dota 2 community. Valve’s commitment to promoting a healthy gaming environment is evident through the introduction of the player behavior and communication score system, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and respectful interactions among players. As the community continues to evolve, fostering a positive and collaborative atmosphere remains a shared responsibility among all players and content creators.

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