Get the Latest Evo Gun Skins in Garena Free Fire MAX

Garena Free Fire MAX has rolled out an exciting new Evo Vault event, featuring four elite Evo gun skins for a limited time. The event, which kicked off on January 2nd, offers players the opportunity to acquire the majestic Prowler Woodpecker, the FAMAS Demonic Grin, the Scorpio Shatter M1014, and the Cindered Colossus Thompson to enhance their collections.

Cost of Spins in the Latest Evo Vault Event

The Evo Vault event presents a spinner reward system where each spin costs 20 diamonds. However, players have the option to purchase 11 spins as a bundle for a discounted price of 200 diamonds. Notably, the grand prize of an Evo gun skin is guaranteed within a maximum of 50 spins, making the acquisition of these sought-after skins more attainable.

Rewards Available in the Evo Vault

Aside from the Evo gun skins, each spin also presents the chance to win Evo gun skin token crates, Luck Royale vouchers, Gold Royale vouchers, armor crates, pocket markets, bonfires, and secret clues. Duplicate Evo gun skins obtained during the event will automatically convert into Evo tokens for exchange in the token shop.

It’s noteworthy that this is the first time all these four rare Evo skins have been offered together under a single vault. With Free Fire MAX’s competitive and fast-paced battle royale gameplay, expanding your arsenal with these powerful weapons can provide a substantial advantage in the battlefield.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate in the Evo Vault event?

To participate in the Evo Vault event, players can access the event tab in Garena Free Fire MAX. From there, they can use diamonds to spin the vault and have a chance at winning the exclusive Evo gun skins and other rewards.

Are there any alternatives to obtaining these Evo gun skins?

Participating in events, completing challenges, and purchasing from the in-game store are potential avenues for obtaining Evo gun skins in Garena Free Fire MAX.

What happens if I obtain duplicate Evo gun skins?

If you acquire duplicate Evo gun skins, they will automatically convert into Evo tokens, which can be exchanged in the token shop for other desirable items.


The Evo Vault event in Garena Free Fire MAX offers a unique opportunity for players to access exclusive Evo gun skins that can enhance their gameplay experience. With the chance to secure powerful weapons and additional rewards, participating in the event can provide an exciting and rewarding experience for players.

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