Get Ready to Unleash Fun with Eggy Party’s New “Outta This World” Season Pass

Eggy Party is the cutesy rendition of Fall Guys, where adorable, bouncy eggs take center stage in their own universe. NetEase, the creative force behind this game, has dropped an exciting bombshell by releasing the new season pass – “Outta This World”. This season features fresh outfits, new stages, and an otherworldly setting for an out-of-this-universe experience.

So, what’s in store for players with the new season? Let’s dive into the spectacular updates and thrilling events.

Outta This World: New Season in Eggy Party

Outta This World was announced via X (formerly Twitter) with a thrilling trailer, offering a sneak peek into the cosmic adventure that awaits in Eggy Party.

Outta This World Events

The new season brings a host of exciting events, promising an interstellar experience for players. These events include:

– ✍️Outta This World Season Event:✍️ Embark on an interstellar adventure, starting on 5th January 2024. Collect colorful planets and unearth hidden tales for rewards like outfits, emojis, and funky actions.

– ✍️Total Top-up Event:✍️ Players have the chance to claim up to 66 Shiny Coins by excelling in gameplay and climbing the rank ladder during the event period.

– ✍️Outta This World Season Packs:✍️ Secure Shiny Coins with a 62% discount by preordering the Outta This World Season Packs. Visit the Hot Sale > Special Pack section for this cosmic deal.

– ✍️Season Mystery Box:✍️ Dive into the Mystery Boxes to encounter new characters like Bay, the Space Captain, Vidi, the Mechanic, and Lyca, the adorable astronaut.

– ✍️Meow-meow Sprout Event:✍️ Participate in the Meow-meow Sprout Event from 5th January 2024 to 22nd February 2024 to snag the cute Meow-meow Sprout outfit for your collection.

Eggy Party Outta This World New Outfits

The new season introduces fresh and adorable outfits for the cutesy eggs, adding to the charm and fun of Eggy Party.

Outta This World Stages in Eggy Party

The “Outta This World” season also brings eight new stages to Eggy Party, each offering exciting challenges and a taste of the cosmic adventure. The stages are:
1. Space Station Escape
2. Lunar Adventure
3. Ring Track
4. Space Elevator
5. Space Walk
6. Galactic Journey
7. Barrage Battlefield
8. Rocket War!


✍️Q: When does the “Outta This World” season start?✍️
A: The “Outta This World” season kicks off on 5th January 2024.

✍️Q: How can players take part in the Meow-meow Sprout Event?✍️
A: The Meow-meow Sprout Event runs from 5th January 2024 to 22nd February 2024. Players can participate in the event within this timeframe.

✍️Q: How can players access the new outfits in Eggy Party’s “Outta This World” season?✍️
A: The new outfits are part of the season pass and can be obtained by participating in the various events and unlocking rewards.

In conclusion, the “Outta This World” season of Eggy Party promises a cosmic experience with its new events, outfits, and stages. Players can look forward to diving into an enchanting universe filled with fun and excitement. So, grab your virtual spacesuit and get ready for an adventure that’s truly out of this world!

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