Get Ready! Season 1 “Soldier’s Tale” Battle Pass for COD: Mobile

The upcoming Season 1 “Soldier’s Tale” battle pass for COD: Mobile is generating excitement among the gaming community, as it promises a host of new cosmetic items and weapons for players to unlock. A dataminer has already revealed details about the upcoming battle pass, which is set to bring 50 tiers of rewarding content. Let’s delve into the leaked information and explore what players can expect from this highly anticipated battle pass.

COD: Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass: Unveiling the Rewards

Starting at Tier 1, players will have the opportunity to acquire the new Death Angel Alice character skin called “Wonder Lost” immediately after purchasing the pass. Additionally, an epic weapon blueprint for the S36 LMG, named “Caterpillar’s Poetry,” brings a unique aesthetic to this weapon. Furthermore, a new animated calling card featuring the Cipher character is available right from the first tier.

Moving through the tiers, players can look forward to an epic QQ9 SMG weapon blueprint on Tier 10, titled “Dragon’s Roar,” featuring striking bat wing motifs. Tier 12 holds the promise of an epic Cipher character skin named “Hatter’s Grin,” offering an intriguing addition to the character lineup. Furthermore, the introduction of a new lethal equipment, the Trip Mine, will provide tactical advantages by revealing enemy locations when triggered.

Sniper rifle enthusiasts will be pleased with the addition of the functional LW3 Tundra sniper rifle on Tier 21, while Tier 30 brings the new Daniel operator skin called “Hangman” to the roster.

Tier 40 unveils an epic blueprint for the Striker shotgun, titled “Death Spiral,” adding a fresh look and feel to this weapon. Finally, the much-anticipated Tier 50 rewards players with the epic “Red Queen’s Rebuke” blueprint for the LW3 Tundra sniper rifle and an epic Artery character skin named “Heartless Queen,” bringing a regal touch to the character customization options.

Expected Release Date of Season 1 Battle Pass

The upcoming patch update is expected to be released a few days before the commencement of COD Mobile Season 1 on January 11, 2024, at 12:00 am UTC / 05:30 am IST. It is crucial for players to claim the Season 11 (2023) Battle Pass content before the launch of Season 1 to avoid automatic removal if not claimed in time. It is anticipated that the Season 1 Battle Pass will be available between 15th-20th January.


Can players obtain the rewards without purchasing the battle pass?

Players will need to purchase the battle pass to gain access to the tier rewards and unlock the featured cosmetic items and weapons.

Will the battle pass be available for a limited time?

While the battle pass is typically available for a specific season, players can continue to progress and claim rewards even after the season has ended, as long as they have purchased the battle pass.

Are the leaked rewards subject to change before the release?

The leaked information provides an early look at the potential rewards, but developers may make adjustments before the official release of the battle pass.


The leaked details of the Season 1 “Soldier’s Tale” battle pass for COD: Mobile have ignited excitement among players, showcasing an impressive array of rewards, including character skins, weapon blueprints, and other enticing items. With the expected release date drawing near, anticipation is building for the arrival of this highly anticipated battle pass, promising an exciting new chapter in the COD: Mobile gameplay experience.

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