Genshin Impact 4.5 Banners According to Leaks

# Genshin Impact 4.5 Update: Leaks, Characters, and Banner Schedule

The upcoming 4.5 update of Genshin Impact is highly anticipated, and leaks from reputable sources have provided insights into what players can expect in terms of characters, banners, and event schedules. With the return of Chiori and Albedo in the event banners, players are eager to learn more about their abilities and potential release schedule. As the community eagerly awaits the update, let’s delve into the leaked details and what awaits Travelers in Version 4.5 of Genshin Impact.

➤ Chiori’s Debut Leaked

According to the leaks, Chiori is set to make her debut as a playable character in Genshin Impact 4.5. Information from sources like Little_Teyvat indicates that Chiori will be a Geo character specializing in support. It is rumored that she will be a 5-star Geo Sword user and could play a vital role in the Crystalize reaction. Her Elemental Burst is leaked to increase Shield Strength, hinting at her potential as a support unit for characters like Navia.

➤ Albedo’s Rerun

Fans of Albedo can rejoice, as the leaks indicate a rerun for the Geo alchemist in the Version 4.5 banners. Albedo, known for his off-field abilities and support role, is a 5-star Geo Sword user. This leak comes after a brief shift in plans during Version 4.3, where Albedo’s rerun was rumored but replaced by Ayaka and Yoimiya. The updated information aligns with Little_Teyvat’s credibility.

➤ Event Banner Schedule

While the exact order of the banners in Version 4.5 is yet to be confirmed, leaks suggest that Chiori’s debut banner might go live on 13 March 2024, with a potential rerun of Albedo’s banner in Phase 2 on 3 April 2024. These dates provide players with a timeline to prepare and plan their wishes for their favorite characters.

➤ Weapon Considerations for Albedo

The leak also draws attention to Albedo’s best-in-slot weapon, the Cinnabar Spindle, an exclusive 4-star Sword that can no longer be obtained by new players. While HoYoverse is not obligated to rerun limited event weapon rewards, creating viable alternatives in Version 4.5 could pique the interest of players and motivate them to pull for Albedo.

➤ FAQs

✔️ Q: Are the leaked character abilities and release dates confirmed?
The leaked information is not official and should be treated as rumors until officially confirmed by the developers of Genshin Impact.

✔️ Q: Will there be any special events accompanying the 4.5 update?
Details about special events, new features, and additional content accompanying the update have not been confirmed through official channels.

➤ Conclusion

As players eagerly await the arrival of Genshin Impact Version 4.5, the leaked information about Chiori’s debut and Albedo’s potential rerun has sparked excitement and anticipation within the gaming community. While the leaks provide a glimpse into what may come, it’s essential to await official announcements from the developers for confirmed details about the update. Nonetheless, the leaks offer players a glimpse into the potential content and characters that may be part of the upcoming update, building excitement for the days ahead.

The community’s anticipation for the Version 4.5 update continues to grow, and players are eagerly awaiting the official announcement and release of the new content. As fans eagerly prepare for the potential arrival of Chiori and the return of Albedo, the leaked details have added an element of fervor to the countdown to the update’s release. Stay tuned for official announcements to learn more about the Version 4.5 update of Genshin Impact.

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