Free Fire Introduces New Evo Vault Event: AN94

Garena has rolled out a thrilling new addition to Free Fire Max – the Evo Vault event. This event, which runs from February 2nd to March 3rd, offers players the chance to obtain upgraded Evo gun skins that evolve and change in appearance over time.

Free Fire’s New Evo Vault Event Offers Premium Evo Gun Skins

The Evil Howler AN94 assault rifle is the most coveted prize in this event. However, obtaining these weapons relies heavily on luck, as rewards are distributed randomly.

Diamond Cost, Enhanced Odds, and Guarantees

To participate in the Evo Vault event, players must spend diamonds to spin the Evo Vault. Each spin requires 20 diamonds, with bulk purchase discounts available. Fortunately, getting an Evo gun is guaranteed within 50 spins or less. Additionally, players have the opportunity to win token crates for their preferred gun, which can be later redeemed directly.

Upgrade any Evo Gun with one spin from Free Fire’s new Evolution event

In addition to the Evo Vault event, Free Fire has also introduced the Evolution event, enabling players to upgrade Evo guns with a single spin. Launched on January 30, 2024, and running until February 8, 2024, this event allows players to use diamonds to directly level up their Evo guns. Each level has different spin prices and guaranteed spin times. The countdown progress resets after each upgrade. Players can access the event by selecting an Evo gun and following the simple steps outlined in the activities tab. If the upgrade is successful before the last spin, the cost of unused spins is refunded. Stay updated with Free Fire Booyah for the latest news and updates on these events.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is the Evo Vault Event running for?

The Evo Vault Event is scheduled to run from February 2nd to March 3rd.

2. What is the cost involved in participating in the Evo Vault Event?

Each spin in the Evo Vault Event requires 20 diamonds, with the option for discounts on bulk purchases.

3. Is there a guarantee for obtaining an Evo gun in the Evo Vault Event?

Players are guaranteed to obtain an Evo gun within 50 spins or less. Additionally, players have the chance to win token crates for their preferred gun.

4. How do players upgrade Evo guns in the Evolution event?

Players can upgrade Evo guns by using diamonds to perform a single spin. The event, running from January 30 to February 8, offers different spin prices for each level and guarantees of spin times.


The Evo Vault Event and the Evolution event in Free Fire Max offer players exciting opportunities to obtain rare and evolved Evo gun skins. With guarantees of obtaining the coveted weapons within a specific number of spins, as well as the chance to directly upgrade Evo guns, these events add thrilling new dimensions to the game. Make sure to stay informed about the latest news and updates on these events through Free Fire Booyah.

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