“FBC: Firebreak” Trademarked by Remedy Entertainment: A New IP in the Works?

If you are a fan of sci-fi horror games, then you must’ve definitely played at least one of Remedy Entertainment’s critically acclaimed titles. The studio recently launched the much-awaited sequel to Alan Wake, which received numerous praises from fans and critics alike, selling over 850,000 within its first month of release. It even received prestigious awards at The Game Awards 2023 for best game direction, best narrative, and best art direction.

While Remedy is basking in all of their well-deserved acclaims for Alan Wake 2, fans have discovered that they have also applied for a new trademark labeled “FBC: Firebreak”. This has led to numerous rumors and speculations, stating that the studio has already begun its development on a new IP. Let’s cut to the chase and delve into it.

Remedy Entertainment Applies for “FBC: Firebreak” Trademark With EUIPO

The aforementioned trademark was filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) on 8th January under the Goods and Services tag but it also had other subcategories apart from the Computer Gaming-related tags such as clothing, audio, video, photography, etc, which led to fans speculating that this might be a new project that Remedy has embarked on. Here’s all the trademark information:

trademark info

This rumored project seems to be hugely linked to the pre-existing Control universe due to its meaning and abbreviations. If you have played Control, you might be familiar with the trademark as well. “Firebreak” is essentially a huge abyss or a barrier that separates otherworldly entities and paranormal creatures from entering into reality, while “FBC” is the short form of the Federal Bureau of Control, the huge corporation that oversees these other dimensional entities.

This has raised numerous eyebrows within the gaming community, and several fans are considering this trademark to be the codename of their new IP. However, it is also entirely possible that this name will be used for the upcoming spin-off based on 2019’s Control, codenamed Condor. Considering that Alan Wake 2 just launched, this might also be the name of the DLC for the new game.

Furthermore, we also know that the studio is working on the sequel to Control as well (codenamed Heron), so “FBC: Firebreak” could possibly be the title of any of these confirmed projects. While this news has excited many fans, it seems highly unlikely that they are working on an entirely new IP considering that they are massively expanding the Control universe, with even Alan Wake 2 being a part of it. So please take all of these rumors with a grain of salt.


1. What is the meaning of “FBC: Firebreak”?

In the context of the Control universe, “Firebreak” refers to a huge abyss or barrier that separates otherworldly entities and paranormal creatures from entering into reality, while “FBC” stands for the Federal Bureau of Control, the organization that oversees these other dimensional entities.

2. Is “FBC: Firebreak” a new IP or related to existing games?

While it has sparked rumors of a new IP, “FBC: Firebreak” could potentially be linked to the existing Control universe or serve as the title for an upcoming spin-off or DLC based on the popular game series.

3. What other projects is Remedy Entertainment working on?

Remedy Entertainment is known to be working on the sequel to Control, codenamed Heron, and has recently launched the much-awaited sequel to Alan Wake, titled Alan Wake 2.


As fans eagerly await for more news on “FBC: Firebreak”, it’s important to approach the speculation with cautious optimism. While it has generated excitement within the gaming community, Remedy Entertainment’s history of expanding existing game universes suggests that “FBC: Firebreak” may not necessarily be a completely new IP. With the success of their recent releases and their commitment to enriching established franchises, it will be interesting to see how this potential project fits into their overall strategy.

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