Exploring the World of Enemies of Note in Genshin Impact

The world of Teyvat in Genshin Impact is constantly evolving, and with it, new terminology and challenges arise. One such recent addition to the game’s lexicon is “Enemies of Note.” This term has piqued the interest of many players who are eager to learn more about these special adversaries and their significance in the game.

Understanding Enemies of Note in Genshin Impact

Enemies of Note refer to special adversaries in Genshin Impact that hold particular significance in the game. Unlike regular foes encountered in the open world, these enemies play a unique role in specific missions, events, and character progression.

Weekly Bosses and Their Importance

In essence, Enemies of Note are the Weekly Bosses in Genshin Impact. These formidable adversaries offer a significant challenge to players and can only be battled once a week. Defeating them yields valuable talent level-up materials, making them essential for enhancing character abilities and progression. These bosses are often encountered during key quests, marking pivotal moments in the player’s journey.

Identifying Enemies of Note

Players can identify Enemies of Note by looking at the Treasure Collection cost and rewards associated with each boss. Notably, they are the only bosses that reward weapon Billets upon their defeat. Defeating these bosses not only provides valuable rewards but also contributes to the completion of challenges and events.

Weekly Boss Locations

Here is a list of Enemies of Note and their respective locations:

– Stormterror Dvalin: Stormterror’s Lair, Mondstadt
– Lupus Boreas: Wolvendom, Mondstadt
– Childe: Golden House, Liyue
– Azhdaha: Mt. Hulao, Liyue
– La Signora: Inazuma City, Inazuma
– Raiden Shogun: Grand Narukami Shrine, Inazuma
– Scaramouche: Chinvat Ravine, Sumeru
– Guardian of Apep: Desert of Hadramaveth, Sumeru
– All-Devouring Narwhal: Salacia Plain, Fontaine

Unlocking Trounce Domains

To challenge these formidable foes, players must unlock specific domains known as Trounce Domains. These domains are often unlocked by progressing through Archon or Story Quests. Once unlocked, players can engage the Weekly Bosses at various difficulty levels.

These Enemies of Note play a crucial role in various challenges and events. For instance, the “Lean, Mean, Cleaning Machine” web event features a Challenge Mission that requires players to defeat an Enemy of Note, offering rewards and unlocking further stages with more valuable items.

FAQs about Enemies of Note in Genshin Impact

What sets Enemies of Note apart from regular adversaries in Genshin Impact?

Enemies of Note, also known as Weekly Bosses, are special adversaries that offer unique challenges and drop valuable talent level-up materials, crucial for character progression.

How often can players battle Enemies of Note?

Players can only battle Enemies of Note, or Weekly Bosses, once a week.

How do players identify Enemies of Note in Genshin Impact?

By looking at the Treasure Collection cost and rewards associated with each boss, players can identify Enemies of Note. They are the only bosses that reward weapon Billets upon defeat.


In the vast and ever-expanding world of Genshin Impact, Enemies of Note stand out as formidable adversaries offering valuable rewards and playing a significant role in character progression. Understanding their significance and engaging them in battle is key to overcoming challenges and unlocking valuable resources in the game. As players continue their adventures in Teyvat, encountering and conquering these Enemies of Note is a thrilling part of the Genshin Impact experience.

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