Exploring the Upcoming TFT Set 11: Release Date, Theme, and More

Last year, Riot Games announced significant changes to Teamfight Tactics (TFT), including a shift to having three new Sets a year with each Set running for four months. With TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble launching on 21st November 2023, players are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Set 11, expected to debut in March. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming TFT Set 11.

New TFT Set 11: Potential Release Date, Theme & More Details

When a new Set is introduced in TFT, everything from units, traits, to origins undergoes changes, offering a fresh start for players and an opportunity to explore new strategies. Players typically spend time experimenting with different build paths to understand the meta of the Set.

TFT Set 11 Release Date & Patch

TFT Set 11 is set to be released alongside LoL Patch 14.6, scheduled to go live on 20th March. Players can anticipate trying out Set 11 on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) two weeks prior to the official release, starting on 6th March. Additionally, Riot Games has teased the launch of “three full Sets” and more in 2024, indicating an exciting year ahead for TFT players.

TFT Set 11 Theme

According to Riot Games’ 2024 roadmap teaser, the theme of TFT Set 11 revolves around “an encounter with myths & legends.” The teaser also featured Blood Moon Aatrox, hinting at a mythical aura similar to that seen in Set 4. However, specific details about gameplay and units are currently under wraps, adding to the anticipation and excitement surrounding the upcoming Set.

That’s the latest information available on TFT Set 11, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as Riot Games releases more details!


1. Is there any official announcement about the units and gameplay features in TFT Set 11?

As of now, Riot Games has not provided specific details about the units and gameplay features in TFT Set 11. Players will have to wait for further announcements to learn more about the upcoming Set.

2. How long will TFT Set 11 run for?

Following Riot Games’ new approach, each Set now runs for four months. Players can expect TFT Set 11 to run for the same duration before the next Set is introduced.

3. Will there be mid-Set updates for TFT Set 11?

With the recent changes announced by Riot Games, there will no longer be mid-Set updates, providing a more consistent experience throughout the duration of each Set.


The upcoming release of TFT Set 11 on 20th March promises a fresh gaming experience with a theme centered around myths & legends. In line with Riot Games’ commitment to delivering three full Sets in 2024, players can look forward to an eventful year of new content, challenges, and gameplay in the world of Teamfight Tactics. Stay tuned for more updates as Riot Games unveils further details about TFT Set 11.

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