EU’s Top Ranked Player Watson Shares Carry Tier List for Patch 7.35

In the ranked games scene, Entity’s position one player Alimzhan “Watson” Islambekov has maintained his position as the number one ranked player in Europe for nearly a year, showcasing one of the most dominant stretches for any professional player. Recently, from his experiences playing pubs in patch 7.35b, he has shared a carry tier list. Notably, he has placed Morphling at the top spot, a hero that has gained popularity in recent months, largely due to the introduction of new items like Disperser and Khanda. Additionally, other heroes in the S Tier have seen increased pick rates, while Wind Ranger surprisingly finds herself at the bottom of the B Tier.

Entity Watson Shares Carry Tier List for Patch 7.35b, Places Morphling on Top

Watson has compiled a tier list split into S, A, and B tiers for 18 heroes in patch 7.35b on his Telegram channel.

S Tier
– Morphling
– Templar Assassin
– Faceless Void
– Luna
– Slark
– Naga Siren

Watson’s S Tier includes six heroes, with Morphling leading the pack. Dotabuff data shows that Morphling’s pick rate has increased since the release of patch 7.35, with a win rate remaining relatively stable at around 45%. Notably, Faceless Void has not only increased its pick rate but also its win rate, from 48% to over 50%.

A Tier
– Terrorblade
– Lina
– Monkey King
– Arc Warden
– Anti-Mage
– Pudge

The A Tier largely consists of situational carry heroes, with Watson notably pushing Anti-Mage down the tier list despite the hero’s recent popularity using the Battle Fury into Manta Style into Diffusal item build. Since the release of patch 7.35b, Anti-Mage’s win and pick rates have also improved.

B Tier
– Chaos Knight
– Sven
– Phantom Lancer
– Ursa
– Weaver
– Windranger

In the B Tier, heroes like Chaos Knight and Sven, who were popular in the previous patch, have fallen in rank, while Windranger, placed at the bottom, is gaining popularity. Despite Windranger’s pick rate rising from 9% to 13%, the hero’s win rate has not seen a commensurate increase, explaining why the player has not ranked the hero higher.

Watson has indicated that this list could change with the evolution of the patch. Following the performance of these heroes in upcoming tournaments like DreamLeague Season 22 and BetBoom Dacha, he is likely to revisit the list.


Are these tier lists specific to the EU region or applicable globally?
These tier lists are based on Watson’s experiences and observations in the European region. However, they can still offer valuable insights and considerations for players globally, albeit with the understanding that regional variations in hero preferences and strategies may exist.

What factors contribute to the placement of heroes in the tier list?
The placement of heroes in the tier list is influenced by a combination of their current effectiveness in the patch, pick rates, win rates, and player preferences. Watson’s tier list also reflects the impact of new items and changes introduced in patch 7.35 and 7.35b.

How often are these tier lists updated?
Given the evolving nature of the game with frequent balance patches and the emergence of new strategies, these tier lists are likely to be updated periodically to reflect the shifting landscape of hero viability within the patch.


As Watson, the top-ranking EU player, shares his insights into the carry tier list for patch 7.35b, it provides valuable information for players looking to understand the current meta and make informed hero selections. The tier list serves as a guide for players to consider various heroes’ strengths and popularity in ranked games, offering a glimpse into the shifting dynamics of the Dota 2 competitive scene. With the potential for future changes to hero viability with upcoming tournaments and game updates, these tier lists are expected to adapt to the evolving landscape of the game.

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