Escape from Tarkov New Location: All Ground Zero Extracts

✍️Escape from Tarkov: Navigating Ground Zero – New Extract Points and Features✍️

The recent patch for Escape from Tarkov introduced an exciting new location, Ground Zero. This marks the addition of the tenth location to the game, featuring infrastructure facilities commonly seen in modern cities, such as banks, cafes, restaurants, stores, pharmacies, and more.

According to Battlestate Games, Ground Zero is centered around the main Russian branch office of TerraGroup, where some of the original conflicts in Tarkov took place. This location is designed to cater to beginner players, offering a total of five extraction points.

✍️Ground Zero Highlights✍️

As the latest addition to Escape from Tarkov, Ground Zero brings several noteworthy features:
– Intended for beginner players between levels 1 to 20, with higher level PMCs being restricted from accessing this location.
– Scavs, however, can access this location regardless of their player level.
– New starter quests and visual cues have been incorporated to enhance the experience for new players.

In addition, Battlestate Games has updated the text descriptions of quests such as ‘Debut’, ‘Checking’ (now renamed to Background Check), ‘Shortage’, ‘Supplier’, and ‘Gunsmith – Part 1’, offering a more immersive and engaging gaming experience.

✍️Extract Points on Ground Zero✍️

When venturing into Escape from Tarkov, players can engage in Scav (Scavenger) raids, online PMC raids, and temporary offline mode. The game allows for solo or group play, with players spawning randomly on different sides of the diverse maps, requiring them to navigate and reach extraction points while encountering other players and non-player characters.

The extract points on Ground Zero currently include:
– ✍️Nakatani Basement Stairs✍️: Located in the basement of the Nakatani building, this extract point is always available.
– ✍️Emercom Checkpoint✍️
– ✍️Scav Checkpoint (Co-op)✍️: Both Scavs and PMCs can utilize this extract point, available at all times.

*This expansion introduces fresh challenges and opportunities for all players, especially those just starting their journey in Tarkov. With new quests and beginner-friendly features, Ground Zero promises an immersive experience for Escape from Tarkov enthusiasts.*


*Q: Can higher level PMCs access the Ground Zero location?*
A: No, Ground Zero is intended for beginner players between levels 1 to 20, with higher level PMCs being restricted from accessing this location.

*Q: Are there any specific quests added for Ground Zero?*
A: Yes, Battlestate Games has added new starter quests to the location, providing a fresh set of objectives for players to engage with.

*Q: How many extraction points does Ground Zero have?*
A: Ground Zero currently features five extraction points, catering to both solo and cooperative gameplay.

*Q: Will the addition of Ground Zero affect the existing gameplay in other locations?*
A: Ground Zero serves as an independent location tailored for beginner players, with its inclusion adding diversity and enriching the overall gaming environment without directly impacting other Tarkov locations.


The introduction of Ground Zero in Escape from Tarkov brings an immersive new experience, with tailored features and challenges designed for beginner players. The inclusion of new extraction points and quests offers a fresh dynamic to the game, providing players with ample opportunities to test their skills and embark on thrilling adventures within this exciting new location. As players explore the captivating world of Tarkov, Ground Zero is poised to become a significant and integral part of their journey.

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