Escape From Tarkov ‘Insurance Not Working’ Explained

The latest Escape from Tarkov wipe was added as part of patch on 27th December 2023. Battlestate Games released a new location along with this wipe for players to enjoy and it is none other than Ground Zero. This is notably the tenth location to be added to Tarkov and it features many infrastructure facilities that can be seen in any modern city including banks, cafes, restaurants, stores, pharmacies, and other.

Apart from the new location, the latest wipe brought forth new boss Kollontay and other major changes to the recoil system. However, the Tarkov player base was caught by surprise by snow in Escape from Tarkov.

However, one of the major talking points in the Tarkov online community ever since the latest wipe dropped has been “insurance.” Many players have been complaining on forums that their insurance is not working post the 27th December 2023 wipe.

Here’s all we know about this bug from community posts online.

What Is Insurance in Escape from Tarkov?

In Escape from Tarkov, insurance allows players to retrieve any items that have not been extracted from a raid. The only catch is that there will be a delay. Players should know that they can only insure gears including weapons and armors, containers like a key tool, documents case, item case, and even intel items like paper maps. The game does not allow players to insure consumables.

Just as any other system, there are quite a few exceptions when it comes to insurance in Tarkov. The following items are exempt from being insured:
– Secure containers
– Dog tags
– Quest items
– Money
– Ammunition
– Consumables

The items that you insure items have a thick yellow outline around the stash space they are found in.

Is Insurance Not Working in Escape from Tarkov?

There were multiple posts on Reddit and the Tarkov forum about insurance not working in Tarkov after the latest wipe. One Redditor posted, “Insurance not working? I haven’t got a single thing back since the wipe. Not even a pistol mag or mask. Anyone else?”

Commenting on this, another player explained that the insurance system is bugged. However, they speculated that it could just be bugged for some people.

On the contrary, another player wrote that the original poster [OP] might just be unlucky with their insurance. The comment added, “I have been getting mine occasionally. people are just taking everything they can get early wipe.”

It is still unclear if this is a bug for all players or if it is completely random. Players are expecting a bug fix from Battlestate Games very soon as the ‘Insurance not working’ error seems to be live even at the time of writing this article.


1. Can consumables be insured in Escape from Tarkov?

No, the game does not allow players to insure consumables.

2. What items are exempt from being insured in Escape from Tarkov?

Secure containers, dog tags, quest items, money, ammunition, and consumables are exempt from being insured.

3. Is the ‘Insurance Not Working’ bug affecting all players in Escape from Tarkov?

It is still unclear if this is a bug for all players or if it is completely random.


The ‘Insurance Not Working’ bug in Escape from Tarkov has been a major concern for players since the latest wipe. While some players have reported not receiving any items back, others have experienced occasional returns. It is hoped that Battlestate Games will address this issue with a bug fix in the near future. As of now, the cause of the bug and its impact on all players remains uncertain.

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