Escape From Tarkov Arena: Wipe Schedule and Updates

Escape From Tarkov developer Battlestate Games has announced a standalone game project called Escape From Tarkov (EFT) Arena. This session-based multiplayer FPS will feature game mechanics similar to Escape From Tarkov but in session-based battles within the arenas of the city of Tarkov. The newest patch, version 0.14, brings a host of exciting updates including a new map called Ground Zero, a new boss named Kollontay, and changes to the recoil system. Additionally, fans are curious about whether EFT Arena will undergo the server wipe mechanic that is featured in the main title. Here’s a look at some key information about Escape From Tarkov Arena and the wipe schedule.

Do Tarkov Arena Servers Get Wiped?

Escape From Tarkov developer Battlestate Games recently announced a wipe on X (formerly known as Twitter) for the main game, which took place on 27th December at 7 a.m. GMT / 2 a.m. EST. While the announcement mentioned updates for Escape From Tarkov, it also confirmed that the wipe had no impact on Escape From Tarkov Arena. Thus, there will not be a wipe for the new game. This means that the answer to the question “Do Escape From Tarkov Arena Servers get wiped?” is no.

How Often Do Tarkov Wipes Occur?

In Escape From Tarkov, Battlestate Games typically follows a set schedule for initiating a fresh wipe. Approximately every six months, a new server wipe is released in conjunction with major updates. This wipe resets all player progress, including character progression, quests, stash, hideout, and more. The reset provides new players with an opportunity to catch up to experienced players without facing those who have already accumulated significant progress and resources.

How to Tell When the Next Escape From Tarkov Wipe is Coming?

Battlestate Games usually schedules special events before a wipe is due to occur. Based on their previous patterns, the next Tarkov wipe can be anticipated around June 2024, approximately six months from the recent wipe. As of now, Battlestate Games has not announced an official release date for Escape From Tarkov Arena. It’s worth noting that Arena will be free to download for existing EFT players. Battlestate Games will provide updates to players when EFT Arenas is due for a wipe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Will there be a wipe for Escape From Tarkov Arena?
A: No, there will not be a wipe for Escape From Tarkov Arena, as confirmed by Battlestate Games.

Q: How often do wipes occur in Escape From Tarkov?
A: Wipes typically occur approximately every six months in conjunction with major updates for Escape From Tarkov.


With the arrival of Escape From Tarkov Arena and its distinct server wipe mechanics from the main game, players can immerse themselves in this new gameplay experience without the concern of progress being reset. Additionally, the regular wipe schedule in Escape From Tarkov provides a balanced environment for players to compete on a level playing field with each new game update.

As players eagerly anticipate the future of Escape From Tarkov and the release of Arena, Battlestate Games continues to provide updates and details about the exciting new projects in the Tarkov universe.

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