Equipping Reserve Weapons in The Finals

Embark Studios has taken the gaming community by storm with The Finals, a free-to-play first-person shooter that offers a multitude of customizable options, unique weapons, and gadgets. Choosing the right loadout to match your playstyle is crucial, and the reserve weapons feature allows players to make tactical adjustments mid-game. Here’s a guide on how to equip reserve weapons in The Finals.

What Is the Reserve Weapons Feature in The Finals?

In The Finals, the reserve weapons feature enables players to switch weapons and gadgets mid-game, providing a tactical advantage in dynamic gameplay situations. Players can only access this feature when they are eliminated and waiting to respawn.

How to Equip Reserve Weapons in The Finals

To equip reserve weapons in The Finals, follow these steps:

– During the pre-match phase, select your main weapons. You will also see a slot on the left side of the screen for your reserve weapons.

– Access the contestant’s tab on the main screen and choose the option to edit your arsenal. You will find two equipment slots: the primary slot for your main loadout and the reserved slot for your reserve weapons.

Equipping Reserved Weapons During a Match

To equip reserved weapons while playing a match, follow these steps:

1. Stay in the game until the respawn screen appears while spectating your teammates.

2. A screen prompt reading “Change Loadout” will appear, accompanied by a button prompt (Square on PS & X on Xbox).

3. Click the button to open the loadout menu, which will display your arsenal.

4. Select the aspect of your loadout that needs adjustment. For example, you can swap your primary weapon for a reserve weapon. Choose your current weapon, then select the backup weapon you had chosen earlier.

5. Respawn with your selected reserve weapon or gadget.


Can I change reserve weapons during a match?

No, reserve weapons can only be equipped when you are eliminated and waiting to respawn.

Are reserve weapons pre-selected before a match?

Yes, reserve weapons must be selected during the pre-match phase and cannot be changed during the game.

How many reserve weapons can I have?

The number of reserve weapons you can have is limited, and it may vary based on the game’s settings.


The reserve weapons feature in The Finals adds an extra layer of strategy to the gameplay, allowing players to adapt to changing situations. By following the steps outlined above, players can make use of this feature to enhance their tactical prowess and gain an advantage in the game.

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