Enhance Your Vexana Gameplay with the Best Build, Revamped Emblem, and More

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), Vexana is a mage with the unique ability to summon entities to aid her in battle. This distinct gameplay mechanic has intrigued many players who are eager to optimize her potential. Her swift mob clearance also allows her to roam the map efficiently. To help you harness the full power of Vexana, we have curated a comprehensive guide featuring the best build, revamped emblem, battle spells, and more.

Vexana’s Skills in Mobile Legends

Before diving into the recommended build and strategies, let’s take a quick look at all the abilities of Vexana in MLBB;

Best Vexana Build in Mobile Legends

For Vexana in MLBB, the recommended build includes a selection of items that synergize with her abilities and playstyle. Items such as the Concentrated Energy, Holy Crystal, and Fleeting Time can significantly enhance her impact in battles.

Best Vexana Emblem in Mobile Legends

In the latest revamped emblem system of MLBB, the best emblem for Vexana is crucial to amplify her strengths. The right emblem setup can elevate her magic power, cooldown reduction, and overall survivability, empowering her to dominate the battlefield.

Best Battle Spell for Vexana in Mobile Legends

Choosing the right Battle Spell is essential for Vexana. Spells such as Flicker and Purify can provide her with the necessary mobility and crowd control resistance to outmaneuver her opponents and turn the tides of battle in her favor.


What is Vexana’s role in a team composition?

Vexana excels as a burst damage mage with the ability to control and disrupt enemy movements. She is often favored for her crowd control skills and high area-of-effect damage, making her a valuable asset in team fights and skirmishes.

How should I position Vexana during team fights?

Positioning is crucial for Vexana. She should ideally stay at a safe distance, utilizing her abilities to chip away at the enemy’s health while avoiding direct confrontations. Her control spells can be devastating when used strategically from a safe vantage point.

What are some effective item alternatives for Vexana in specific situations?

When facing aggressive physical damage compositions, items like Ice Queen Wand and Winter Truncheon can provide Vexana with extra survivability. Additionally, the Genius Wand can be a potent choice against heavily regenerative opponents.


By implementing the recommended build, emblem, and battle spell choices along with understanding Vexana’s role and positioning, you can unleash her full potential on the battlefield. Experiment with different strategies, adapt to the evolving game, and master the art of controlling and decimating your enemies with Vexana in MLBB.

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