EA FC 24 Future Stars: Release Date and Player Details

The much-anticipated EA FC 24 Future Stars Ultimate Team promo is set to go live later this week. As the Road to the Final (RTTF) promo comes to a close, excitement builds for the arrival of the Future Stars promo, a popular event that celebrates “Wonderkids poised to take The World’s Game by storm.”

Release Date

The EA FC 24 Future Stars release date is confirmed for Friday, 9th February, 2024. This release date was officially announced by EA Sports through the Ultimate Team loading screen. As with most major Ultimate Team promos, the launch is scheduled for a Friday. Additionally, the date also marks the departure of the Road to the Final (RTTF) promo. It is expected that Future Stars Team 2 will be announced the following Friday, on 16th February, 2024.

Featured Player

Trinity Rodman has been announced as the first player to be featured in the Future Stars promo. Rodman is a highly regarded prospect in women’s soccer, having played a significant role for both her club and country in 2023. Her base card is 84-rated, marking her as one of the brightest up-and-coming talents in US women’s soccer.

Future Stars Cards

The Future Stars promo introduces special player items that represent a footballer’s induction into an elite class of the brightest prospects in the game. These player items receive upgrades that showcase each Future Star’s potential, reflecting what they could become in the future. Former Future Stars chosen by EA Sports have gone on to achieve remarkable success, including winning league titles, team of the season honors, and international trophies.

Expected Features

While exact details of the Future Stars promo are yet to be confirmed, based on past editions, we can anticipate the potential inclusion of the following features:
– Future Stars Academy: FUT Objectives that allow players to earn up to four versions of a Future Stars Academy Player, with each Player Item upgrading one step towards their prime.
– Future Stars Dual Potential: Two versions of cards representing different playing-style paths a player could take in their career.
– Future Stars Swaps Program: A swaps program that allows players to exchange swap tokens for a variety of upgrades for their Ultimate Team.

Please note that these features are speculative based on previous versions of the promo. Updates on the promo’s features will be available once it goes live.


1. When is the release date for the EA FC 24 Future Stars promo?

The release date for the EA FC 24 Future Stars promo is Friday, 9th February, 2024.

2. Who is the first featured player in the Future Stars promo?

Trinity Rodman has been announced as the first featured player in the Future Stars promo.

3. What can players expect from the Future Stars promo?

The promo typically introduces special player items representing the induction of young talents into an elite class, with potential features including Future Stars Academy, Dual Potential cards, and a Swaps Program.


The upcoming release of the EA FC 24 Future Stars promo has generated immense anticipation among fans. With its celebration of promising young talents, the Future Stars promo is poised to captivate the FIFA gaming community with its exciting new additions.

Stay tuned for further updates as the promo goes live and reveals more details about the featured players and special items it will offer. Exciting times lie ahead for FIFA Ultimate Team enthusiasts as they look forward to the Future Stars making their mark in the game.

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