Discover the Dark Side of Palworld: Butchering Your Pals

Palworld, often likened to ‘Pokemon with guns’, might seem like a playful game at first glance, but it harbors a dark and destructive side. The game allows players to engage in a mechanic where they can mercilessly butcher their own beloved Pals for loot and resources. One of the key aspects of this mechanic is the introduction of the butchering system, enabling players to use a Meat Cleaver to carry out these dark deeds. This guide will take you through the process of crafting the Meat Cleaver and shedding light on how to use it to butcher Pals in Palworld.

How to Craft the Meat Cleaver in Palworld

The Meat Cleaver can be obtained at Technology Tree level 12 in Palworld. Unlocking its schematics will require 2 Tech points, and it can be crafted on a Primitive Workbench using the following materials:

  • X5 Ingots
  • X20 Wood
  • X5 Stone

Stone and wood can be obtained from breaking boulders and chopping down trees, while ingots require a more intricate process involving collecting ores from copper-like rocks and smelting them in a Primitive Furnace using a Pal with Kindling Suitability.

Butchering Pals with the Meat Cleaver in Palworld

Once the Meat Cleaver is crafted, it can be used as a weapon to slash hostile Pals and even other characters in the game. Players can access the Pal command wheel and select the “Butcher (Name of Pal)” option to carry out the butchering sequence. This action allows players to quickly dispose of Pals when they cannot find a Black Marketeer or Pal Merchant nearby.

Palworld’s mechanics also include the ability to butcher Alpha Pals, yielding more loot compared to simply defeating them. Butchering a Pal triggers a loot table, essentially rolling it twice to provide additional rewards. Moreover, players can even butcher other human characters in the game, offering regular loot like bread and gold coins for committing such acts.


Is there a way to avoid butchering Pals in Palworld?

Yes, players can choose to avoid the butchering mechanic altogether and focus on other aspects of the game, such as taming and capturing Pals for positive interactions and gameplay experiences.

Does Palworld offer other methods for obtaining loot and resources?

Yes, Palworld offers diverse gameplay mechanics, including farming, mining, and trading, as alternative avenues for obtaining loot and resources without engaging in the butchering aspect of the game.

Can players trade or sell the loot obtained from butchering Pals in Palworld?

The game may offer options for trading or selling the loot obtained from butchering Pals, potentially allowing players to engage in economic activities within the game world.


Palworld’s butchering mechanic introduces a dark and controversial aspect to the game, providing players with unique gameplay choices and challenges. However, it’s important for players to approach this mechanic with sensitivity and awareness of its potential impact. Ultimately, Palworld offers a variety of ways to engage with its world, and players can choose their preferred playstyle while navigating the game’s complex and multifaceted mechanics.

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