COD Warzone Mobile: All Available Regions So Far

✍️COD Warzone Mobile: All Available Regions So Far✍️

Fans around the world have long been waiting for the much-anticipated release of Call of Duty Warzone Mobile. Unfortunately, the release date promised by Activision for 2023 has only been fulfilled in a select few regions. As the game begins testing the waters in these regions, many gamers are left eagerly anticipating when it will reach their corner of the world.

The excitement surrounding the release of COD Warzone Mobile is palpable. However, to date, the game has only been released in a handful of regions and its worldwide release is still pending.

✍️COD Warzone Mobile: A Timeline✍️

The first teasers for COD Warzone Mobile were unveiled alongside Warzone 2 in 2021. While Warzone 2 has seen a release, Warzone Mobile remains out of reach for many. As the game’s arrival nears, the anticipation only continues to mount. Currently, the game is only available in a select few regions, serving as an opportunity for Activision to gather valuable player feedback, conduct bug fixes, and stress-test the game in real-world scenarios.

✍️COD Warzone Mobile: Available Regions So Far✍️

While the rest of the world eagerly awaits the release of Call of Duty Warzone Mobile, the game has been testing in a limited number of regions, including Australia, Chile, Norway, and Sweden. According to co-studio head Chris Plummer, the game is planned to launch in the rest of the world during the spring of 2024, with the team aiming to polish up a few more things before the global release.

✍️COD Warzone Mobile: Minimum System Requirements✍️

Although the game is yet to be released globally, it’s worth taking a look at the minimum system requirements for Warzone Mobile to prepare in advance. These requirements will be available for both Android and iOS platforms.

✍️Pre-registrations for Warzone Mobile Are Now Open✍️

Despite the delay in the game’s release, players have been eagerly anticipating its arrival. Pre-registrations for the game are now open, allowing players to receive notifications as soon as the game is released. The steps to pre-register for Warzone Mobile involve visiting the App Store or Play Store, searching for “Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile,” and selecting the “Pre-Register” option upon locating the game.


1. ✍️When will COD Warzone Mobile be available worldwide?✍️
The global release of COD Warzone Mobile is anticipated to take place in the spring of 2024.

2. ✍️What regions is COD Warzone Mobile currently available in?✍️
As of now, the game has been released in Australia, Chile, Norway, and Sweden.

3. ✍️What are the minimum system requirements for COD Warzone Mobile?✍️
The minimum system requirements for the game will be available for both Android and iOS platforms.


The release of COD Warzone Mobile has been highly anticipated by players worldwide. With the ongoing testing in select regions and the promise of a global release in the spring of 2024, the excitement for the game’s arrival continues to build. Players are eagerly preparing to jump into the new Warzone battlefield, and with pre-registrations now open, it’s only a matter of time before the game launches in more regions worldwide.

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