Chemin Esports: Shaping the Esports Scene in India and Beyond

Chemin Esports is a prominent esports organization in India, with a strong presence in various competitive gaming titles such as Free Fire, Pokemon Unite, PUBG New State, FIFA 23, and Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Additionally, the organization has expanded its operations into the Brazilian region, forming “Influence Chemin Esports” with rosters in titles like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile (CODM), and Arena of Valor. Since its inception, Chemin Esports has made significant strides and achieved notable successes in the esports industry.

Chemin Esports: Roster and Achievements

Establishing its presence in 2021, Chemin Esports entered the esports scene with a talented BGMI roster. The team demonstrated strong performances in various events, including the BGMI Open Challenge 2022: The Grind, where it secured a commendable 9th place. The roster comprises promising young athletes, with well-known players such as Sahil “Omega” Jakhar, Akshat “Akshat” Goel, Ammar “Destro” Khan, and Parth “DeltaPG” Garg among others representing the organization.

The current BGMI roster is filled with emerging talent, with players like Altu showcasing exceptional skills and securing multiple Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards in recent events. Chemin Esports has achieved significant milestones in various competitions, including winning the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 The Grind and emerging as the runner-up in The World of Battle: Winter Invitational.

Chemin Esports: Owners, Sponsors, and Expansion

Ishan Verma serves as the owner of Chemin Esports, steering the organization toward greater success within the esports industry. The team boasts rosters in multiple mobile esports titles, including PUBG Mobile New State, Pokemon Unite, and Free Fire. Furthermore, Chemin Esports has partnered with esteemed sponsors such as Mountain Dew and YouWeCan, indicating its growing influence and support within the esports community.

Chemin Esports has also expanded its operations internationally, with the formation of “Influence Chemin Esports” in the Brazilian region, further solidifying its global presence and impact in competitive gaming.

Chemin Esports: Engaging with the Community

Beyond its competitive endeavors, Chemin Esports has also endeavored to engage with the gaming community by fostering a dedicated group of content creators under its banner. This effort reflects the organization’s commitment to not only excel in competitions but also to contribute to the broader gaming culture by promoting and supporting content creation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What games does Chemin Esports have rosters in?

Chemin Esports has rosters in various esports titles, including Free Fire, Pokemon Unite, PUBG New State, FIFA 23, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile (CODM), and Arena of Valor.

Who owns Chemin Esports?

Ishan Verma is the owner of Chemin Esports.

What are some of Chemin Esports’ notable achievements?

Some of Chemin Esports’ notable achievements include winning the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 The Grind, placing second in The World of Battle: Winter Invitational, and securing victory in the 2022 Skyesports Pro League event.

What sponsors does Chemin Esports have?

Chemin Esports has partnered with sponsors such as Mountain Dew and YouWeCan.

Where does Chemin Esports operate?

Chemin Esports operates in India and has expanded its operations to include Influence Chemin Esports in the Brazilian region.


Chemin Esports has emerged as a key player in the esports arena, making significant strides in both domestic and international competitions. With a talented roster, a commitment to community engagement, and strong partnerships, the organization continues to shape the gaming landscape. As it looks ahead, Chemin Esports is poised to further elevate its presence and make a lasting impact on the global esports stage.

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