cadiaN Admits To Using Cheats in CS As a Kid, Says They Helped Him Get Good

When it comes to video games, using cheats is usually frowned upon. Cheats essentially involve players using different methods to create an advantage over others that is beyond the normal gameplay. This tends to make the game easier for the one deploying those cheats.

In a surprising turn of events, Counter-Strike (CS) pro Casper “cadiaN” Møller admitted on a recent stream with another CS content creator that he installed cheats for Counter-Strike as a 12-year-old kid. He even said that they helped him understand and get good at the game.

➤ cadiaN Reveals That He Used Cheats For CS As a Kid

On a livestream with Mark “ohnePixel,” cadiaN revealed that as a kid learning the ways of Counter-Strike, he actually used cheats that allowed him to see through the walls. The pro player admitted that using these cheats helped him understand the game.

Talking to ohnePixel, cadiaN said, “I was like 12 or something. I just downloaded it [cheat] and just played… It’s a crazy story as well.” cadiaN asked his chat not to follow in his footsteps and download the cheats. However, he recalled what he did and explained what the cheats did. He added, “These cheats are kind of what made me good at the game. I’m not even capping, because I was kind of clueless… and when I installed these cheats I kind of understood all the timings of when I could meet with the opponent, how long I could run with the knife. If I get this kill, what reaction is the opponent going to do. All these things, bro, because I was fully on wall hacking.”

The pro player clarified that all this was before he started attending in-person events and LANs and before the start of his pro career.

There were mixed reactions to this admission made by cadiaN. One Twitter user commented, “If a 12-year-old is cheating I can’t be too mad lol. It’s when a 30-year-old uses cheats that I’m like okay dude you should know better by now.” However, another user said, “Give him the ban he has been overdue for. No mercy on a gamer that cheats.”

cadiaN is a well-known player in the Counter-Strike (CS) pro landscape. He has been playing professionally for over a decade now. Currently, he is a part of Team Liquid that competes in the North American region. cadiaN is also the in-game leader (IGL) of the squad.


✔️ Q: Did cadiaN use cheats during his professional career?

No, cadiaN admitted to using cheats when he was 12 years old, before the start of his professional career.

✔️ Q: Can a professional player improve from cheating?

cadiaN mentioned that using cheats as a kid helped him to understand the game better, however, cheating is not ethical or acceptable in professional gaming.

✔️ Q: Is cadiaN still associated with cheating?

cadiaN’s admission was a part of a discussion where he reflected on his past actions and admitted to not condoning cheating.

➤ Conclusion

cadiaN’s admission of using cheats as a child has sparked discussions within the gaming community. While it is important to acknowledge his past actions, it also serves as a reminder of the impact that cheating and its consequences have on the integrity of professional gaming. As a respected player in the CS pro scene, cadiaN’s reflection on his past actions may serve as a learning opportunity for the community to uphold fair play and sportsmanship in gaming.

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