BOOM Esports Unveils New Peruvian Dota 2 Roster for 2024

Indonesian Esports organization BOOM Esports has recently announced its new Dota 2 roster for the 2024 season. With a shift in focus to South America, the team has put together an all-Peruvian lineup, with the exception of the mid laner position which is currently vacant. The roster comprises both existing and new talent, along with the addition of a new coach.

Meet the New Roster

The revamped roster for BOOM Esports’ Dota 2 team includes:
– Christian “Pakazs” Savina as the carry
– Mario “LittleBoy” Valdivia as the offlaner, formerly with Thunder Awaken
– Rodrigo “n1ght” Cruz, also from Thunder Awaken, in a yet-to-be-filled mid laner role
– Jose “Panda” Padilla, previously with Evil Geniuses
– Juan David “Vintage” Angulo Nicho, the coach who has experience with Evil Geniuses and Wawitas Sagazes

The CEO of BOOM Esports, Gary Ongko Putera, has confirmed the team’s entry into a tournament in January 2024, where they will not use a stand-in but instead feature a trial player who may potentially become a permanent part of the team.

In a podcast interview, CEO Ongko explained, “The lineup is not fully complete. We’re not using a stand-in. It’s more like a trial, so he’s not officially part of the team yet. It depends on whether he wants to sign.”


1. Why did BOOM Esports shift its focus to South America?

BOOM Esports made a strategic decision to shift its focus to the South American region to tap into the growing talent pool in the region and explore new opportunities in the competitive Dota 2 scene.

2. Who are the key additions to BOOM Esports’ new roster?

The new roster includes Mario “LittleBoy” Valdivia, Rodrigo “n1ght” Cruz, and Jose “Panda” Padilla as players, along with Juan David “Vintage” Angulo Nicho as the coach.

3. Will the mid laner position be filled before the upcoming tournament in January 2024?

BOOM Esports has not yet filled the mid laner position and plans to feature a trial player in the upcoming tournament. The decision on whether the trial player will sign with the team will depend on their performance and mutual interest.


BOOM Esports’ unveiling of its new all-Peruvian Dota 2 roster for 2024 demonstrates the organization’s commitment to building a competitive team in the South American region. With an established carry player, talented additions, and a seasoned coach, the team aims to make a mark in the upcoming season. The strategic move to feature a trial player exemplifies BOOM Esports’ methodical approach to roster building and its dedication to finding the right fit for the team’s mid laner position. Esports enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the team’s performance and the eventual completion of its roster for the upcoming tournament in January 2024.

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