Best Ways to Quickly Earn Fight Money in Tekken 8

# The Best Ways to Earn Fight Money in Tekken 8

Tekken 8 offers an immersive gaming experience with a diverse line-up of fighters and unlockable content, such as character customization and concept art. To enjoy all these features, players need in-game currency known as Fight Money. In this article, we will explore some of the best methods for quickly earning Fight Money in Tekken 8.

➤ How to Quickly Earn Fight Money

✔️ Arcade Battles
Playing Arcade Battles is one of the most effective ways to accumulate Fight Money. By engaging in eight matches against various opponents, players can earn up to 40,000G per battle on medium difficulty. Defeating the final boss for the first time rewards players with 1,000,000G, with an additional 100,000G for defeating the boss.

✔️ Online Matches
Participating in Quick Matches, Ranked Matches, and Group Matches for the first time can earn you 1,000,000G each. By swiftly joining and concluding these matches, players can swiftly amass Fight Money.

✔️ Arcade Quests
Completing battles within Arcade Quests awards Fight Money, while completing the story mode grants 1,000,000G for each chapter and a bonus of 10,000,000G upon finishing all chapters.

✔️ Character Episodes
Playing through the five-battle character episodes results in 1,000,000G upon completion, making it an efficient method for earning Fight Money in a short amount of time.

✔️ Finish The Dark Awakens
Completing all chapters of The Dark Awakens, the new story mode, on Easy difficulty with Special Style enabled results in a reward of 10,000,000G.

✔️ Super Ghost Battles
While challenging, Super Ghost Battles also offer a way to earn Fight Money. Players can potentially earn 40,000G per victory, making it a lucrative option.

➤ FAQs

✔️ Can I purchase Fight Money with real money in Tekken 8?
No, Fight Money cannot be purchased with real money, and players must earn it through gameplay.

✔️ Are there any other benefits to accumulating Fight Money in Tekken 8?
Aside from purchasing cosmetics, Fight Money can also be used for unlocking various in-game content and customization options.

✔️ What is the importance of customization in Tekken 8?
Customization in Tekken 8 allows players to personalize their characters with unique outfits, accessories, and UI elements, adding a personal touch to the gaming experience.

➤ Conclusion

In Tekken 8, accumulating Fight Money is essential for unlocking character customization, concept art, and other in-game content. By engaging in Arcade Battles, Online Matches, Arcade Quests, and Character Episodes, players can quickly amass Fight Money, allowing them to enjoy the full range of unlockable content available in the game.

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