Best Decks for Clash Royale Cannoneer Launch Event

# Best Decks for Clash Royale Cannoneer Launch Event

Clash Royale’s Season 55 has arrived, and with it comes a new Tower Troop known as the Cannoneer. This Epic rarity troop is armed with a massive metal cannon, capable of obliterating enemy offenses. The Cannoneer’s versatility against both air and ground units promises to reshape gameplay with its cannonball-launching capabilities.

For players unfamiliar with deck building, it’s essential to know the best decks to use for the Clash Royale Cannoneer Launch Event. Here are some top decks for integrating this powerful tower-troop:

➤ Clash Royale: Best Decks for Cannoneer Launch Event January 2024

The Cannoneer, released on 1st January 2024, brings a new dynamic to the game. With a damage output of 422 per hit, nearly quadrupling the Tower Princess’s damage, it emerges as a potent force despite its slower hit speed. Additionally, it flaunts a high DPS rate of 176 and a sturdy health pool of 2616, making it a robust defender in any match.

With its exceptional offensive and defensive capabilities, the Cannoneer is undeniably a game-changer in Clash Royale. Below are some of the best decks for the Clash Royale Cannoneer Launch Event:

✔️ Deck 1: Graveyard Nado Control
– Knight Evolution 
– Graveyard
– Little Prince
– Baby Dragon
– Poison
– Tornado
– Barbarian Barrel 
– Tombstone

✔️ Deck 2: Mega Knight Miner Bait
– Bats Evolution
– Skeleton Barrel
– Mega Knight 
– Miner
– Inferno Dragon
– Goblin Gang
– Spear Goblins
– Zap

✔️ Deck 3: Royale Hogs 2.6 Cycle
– Skeletons Evolution 
– Royale Hogs
– Little Prince
– Earthquake 
– Ice Spirit 
– Royale Delivery 
– The Log
– Cannon

✔️ Deck 4: Giant Graveyard
– Archers Evolution
– Graveyard
– Giant
– Little Prince
– Dark Knight
– Minions
– Arrows
– Snowball

✔️ Deck 5: Classic Log Bait
– Knight Evolution
– Goblin Barrel 
– Rocket
– Princess
– Goblin Gang
– Ice Spirit
– The Log
– Inferno Tower


✔️ Q: How do I decide which deck to use in Clash Royale Cannoneer Launch Event?
A: Consider your playstyle and card preferences. Experiment with different decks to find the one that suits your style and works effectively with the Cannoneer.

✔️ Q: Should I level up the Cannoneer for the event?
A: Yes, upgrading the Cannoneer in line with your King Tower level will enhance its performance during the event.

➤ Conclusion

These recommended decks are tailored to maximize the potential of the Cannoneer in Clash Royale’s Season 55. Experiment with these decks and adapt them to your playstyle for a competitive edge in the Cannoneer Launch Event. Good luck on your journey and may you reap the rewards of this exciting challenge!

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