Best Characters for Pure Fiction in Honkai Star Rail 2.0 Tales of Tethered Bird

Pure Fiction is a new game mode in Honkai: Star Rail, designed to test your roster’s area-of-effect (AoE) damage. This mode is more forgiving than Memory of Chaos initially, making it accessible for players to clear all four stages with well-built Erudition or Destruction characters.

The mode cycles every 40 days, providing ample time for players to prepare the necessary characters and upgrades to tackle Pure Fiction. Here are the best characters to use in the current Pure Fiction rotation in Tales of Tethered Bird:

Honkai Star Rail 2.0: Best Characters to Use in Pure Fiction (Tales of Tethered Bird)

Jingliu is the standout Destruction character for Pure Fiction. Her abilities are particularly effective against enemies with Ice weakness, allowing her to wipe out entire waves with ease. She continues to maintain her status as a top DPS character in the game, especially in Pure Fiction mode.

Herta pairs extremely well with Himeko and can unleash a significant amount of follow-up attacks in Pure Fiction mode. Even with minimal investment, players can capitalize on the Himeko-Herta combo to achieve impressive results in Pure Fiction. This makes her a great choice for players without access to many limited 5-star units.

Argenti’s low-energy ultimate shines in Pure Fiction due to the mode’s enemies having lower HP. His 90-Energy Ultimate can wipe out most enemies and regenerate energy, making him a valuable addition to the team. Additionally, the Generosity trace grants Argenti energy whenever an enemy enters battle, further enhancing his effectiveness.

Himeko’s proficiency against Fire-weakness enemies in Pure Fiction allows her to excel in the mode. With 4-5 enemies per wave, her signature light cone ability gains added value, making her follow-up attacks lethal against most enemies. Pairing her with characters like Ruan Mei and Herta can ensure smooth progression through the event.

Black Swan
As the latest character in Star Rail, Black Swan’s DoT (damage over time) playstyle is well-rewarded in the current Pure Fiction mode. With a significant number of Wind weakness enemies on the fourth stage, players can leverage Black Swan’s abilities to achieve a 3-star clear.

In conclusion, for players aiming to excel in Pure Fiction mode in Honkai: Star Rail 2.0 Tales of Tethered Bird, the highlighted characters showcase exceptional performance, offering diverse strengths to tackle the challenges effectively.


Q: How often does the Pure Fiction mode cycle in Honkai Star Rail?
A: The mode cycles every 40 days, providing players with sufficient time to prepare and strategize for the upcoming rotation.

Q: Do I need specific characters to excel in Pure Fiction mode?
A: While specific characters are highlighted for their effectiveness, players can experiment with different team compositions and playstyles to find success in Pure Fiction mode.


Understanding the strengths and abilities of the recommended characters can significantly enhance a player’s performance in Pure Fiction mode within Honkai: Star Rail 2.0 Tales of Tethered Bird. Experimenting with different character combinations and maximizing their potential can lead to success in tackling the challenges presented by the new game mode.

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