Best Build, Revamped Emblem, and More: A Comprehensive Guide to Mobile Legends’ Ling

This Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Ling build guide will provide you with the essential strategies for optimizing the hero’s potential. To enhance your gameplay, we will offer recommendations for items, emblems, and Battle Spells. As an assassin hero and a commonly used jungler in the game, Ling requires precise handling and strategic usage of skills to capitalize on his potential. Whether you are a new player or seeking to enhance your Ling gameplay, this guide is tailored to equip you with the necessary knowledge to excel with this hero in Mobile Legends.

Ling Skills in Mobile Legends

Understanding Ling’s skills is crucial to harnessing his full potential in the game. His Ultimate, Tempest of Blades, allows him to leap into the air, gaining invincibility and extra Movement Speed. This skill enables him to deal significant damage, knock enemies airborne, and create a Sword Field. Mastery of all his skills is essential for a successful Ling gameplay.

Best Ling Build in Mobile Legends

When it comes to the best Ling build, the following items are recommended for maximum effectiveness:

  • 1. Raptor Machete: Essential for jungle clearing and enhancing Ling’s farming capabilities.
  • 2. Swift Boots: Provides Ling with increased Attack Speed, essential for quick jungle clearing and swift movements during battles.
  • 3. Blade of the Heptaseas: Offers additional Physical Attack and Armor Penetration, augmenting Ling’s damage output.
  • 4. Endless Battle: Provides Ling with a burst of True Damage, allowing him to unleash devastating attacks.
  • 5. Blade of Despair: Enhances Ling’s damage potential, especially during the late game.
  • 6. Queen’s Wings: Provides Ling with additional survivability and damage reduction, allowing him to sustain in battles.

Best Ling Emblem in Mobile Legends

When considering Ling’s emblem, the recommended choice is the Revamped Assassin Emblem. This emblem provides valuable bonuses to Ling’s abilities, such as increased Physical Penetration, Physical Attack, and Cooldown Reduction. These attributes play a crucial role in maximizing his damage potential and overall effectiveness in battles.

Best Battle Spell for Ling in Mobile Legends

Choosing the right Battle Spell is crucial for Ling’s performance. For the best results, consider the following Battle Spells:

  • Retribution: This Battle Spell is indispensable for a jungler like Ling, as it significantly enhances his farming capabilities and ensures efficient jungle clearance.
  • Flicker: While not a priority for Ling playing as a Jungler, Flicker provides additional mobility, which can be valuable in certain situations, especially when not fulfilling the role of a dedicated jungler.


What makes Ling a challenging hero to play?

Ling has a high skill requirement and a unique playstyle, making him challenging for new players or those unfamiliar with the jungle role. His mobility and precise positioning are crucial for maximizing his potential, requiring a steep learning curve for effective gameplay.

Why is Raptor Machete essential for Ling?

Raptor Machete is crucial for Ling as it significantly enhances his jungle clearing capabilities and farming efficiency, allowing him to accumulate gold and experience rapidly in the early game.

How does the Revamped Assassin Emblem benefit Ling?

The Revamped Assassin Emblem provides valuable bonuses to Ling’s abilities, including increased Physical Penetration, Physical Attack, and Cooldown Reduction, which are essential for maximizing his damage potential and overall effectiveness in battles.

Which Battle Spell is indispensable for Ling as a jungler?

Retribution is a must-have Battle Spell for Ling when playing as a jungler. It enhances his farming capabilities and ensures efficient jungle clearance, contributing to his overall strength and impact in the game.


Mastering Ling in Mobile Legends requires a deep understanding of his skills, optimal item build, emblem choice, and Battle Spell selection. By following the recommendations provided in this guide, players can harness Ling’s full potential, dominate the jungle, and make a significant impact in battles. With practice and strategic gameplay, Ling can become a formidable force on the battlefield, securing victories for his team.

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