Best Buff Effect to Use

# The Best Buff Effect to Use in Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction

The Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction: Tales of Tethered Bird introduces three powerful buff effects – Libel, Rumor, and Defamation. These buffs add various Damage-over-Time (DoT) effects on enemies, offering players an edge in clearing waves faster. Understanding which buff to use is crucial for a successful gameplay experience.

➤ Libel
Libel is recommended in most team lineups. It is most effective when used in a DoT-focused team. When equipped, it causes enemies adjacent to the target to take DoT damage equal to 60% of the original damage dealt. Characters like Kafka or Sampo, who can apply DoT effects on multiple enemies, make the most of this buff, significantly boosting overall damage output.

➤ Rumor
Rumor becomes valuable when lacking characters that can apply DoT effects. It inflicts Wind Shear on enemy targets, making it essential for team compositions unable to consistently apply DoT debuffs. However, if a team already comprises characters capable of applying DoT effects, Rumor may be less impactful compared to other buffs.

➤ Defamation
Defamation is a potent buff in Pure Fiction: Tales of Tethered Bird. Equipping it heals the ally with the lowest HP and advances their turn every time an enemy takes DoT damage. This buff requires a character capable of dealing DoT damage to maximize its potential. Kafka, with her ability to trigger multiple DoT effects at once, can greatly benefit from this, providing healing and a significant speed boost, enabling multiple turns in one round.

Overall, Defamation emerges as the strongest among the three buffs, but it necessitates consistent activation of a DoT effect, a feat achievable so far only by Kafka. When choosing a buff effect, it’s vital to consider team composition due to the unique pros and cons of each buff in the Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction: Tales of Tethered Bird.

➤ Q: How do I obtain these buff effects in Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction?
A: The buff effects are available in the game mode and can be selected as per player preference.

➤ Q: Can a team use multiple buff effects simultaneously?
A: No, a team can only use one buff effect at a time, chosen before the start of the game mode.

➤ Q: Are there any other factors to consider when choosing a buff effect?
A: Yes, team synergy, the ability of characters to apply DoT effects, and the overall strategy for clearing waves efficiently are important factors to consider.

# Conclusion
Selecting the best buff effect in the Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction: Tales of Tethered Bird game mode greatly impacts a player’s ability to clear waves effectively. Understanding the strengths and limitations of Libel, Rumor, and Defamation is essential for maximizing the potential of team lineups. Consider your team composition, character abilities, and gameplay strategy before choosing the ideal buff effect for a successful outing in the Pure Fiction game mode.

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