Apex Legends Releases $300+ Collab Event to No One’s Surprise

# Apex Legends x Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Collaboration Event

Apex Legends has teamed up with FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH to create a unique crossover event, infusing iconic elements from the FINAL FANTASY VII universe into the world of Apex Legends. Running from 9th January to 30th January, this limited-time event introduces 36 new items, notably featuring a special Death Box and the highly sought-after Mythic Buster Sword R5 Melee cosmetic, a versatile addition usable by any Legend across various game modes.

➤ The Mythic Buster Sword R5 in Apex Legends

The Mythic Buster Sword R5 is a key highlight of the event, and players have the opportunity to acquire it in every Event pack they open during this period. While players can receive a few packs for free, those wishing to obtain every item in the event and secure a guaranteed shot at acquiring the heirloom, as well as a limited-time Death Box cosmetic, may need to invest over $300 USD.

Players can collect the 36 crossover items through dedicated Apex Legends & FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Event packs, which include unique skins, sticker sets, and other collectibles. Additionally, a Four-Pack purchase option guarantees a Legendary or Iconic item, simplifying the collection process for players.

On the gameplay side, the event introduces the BR Takeover, infusing FINAL FANTASY VII elements into Apex Legends. Players can wield the Buster Sword R2R5, a weapon with unique gameplay abilities, including light and heavy attacks, a blocking function, a dash ability, and a powerful Limit Break. Materia Hop-Ups are also introduced, enhancing weapon capabilities with various effects and bonuses, compatible with select weapons and available across the game map and in event-limited Cactuar Ticks.

➤ How to (Potentially) Get The Buster Sword For Free

During the event, players can earn Gil, a special event currency, by participating in the event mode and accomplishing various challenges. This currency can be used in the Rewards Shop, a temporary feature for the event, with weekly inventory updates offering event-limited items, exclusive badges, and other unique collectibles. Players should prioritize event packs and keep an eye out for event-limited Iconic Legend skins available in the store.

➤ Apex Legends X Final Fantasy Twitch Drops

Tune in to select Twitch streams between January 12-30, 2024, to earn stickers while watching your favorite streamers.

➤ FAQs

✔️ How can I potentially get the Mythic Buster Sword R5 for free?

You can potentially acquire the Mythic Buster Sword R5 for free by earning Gil, a special event currency, and using it in the Rewards Shop, which periodically updates its inventory with event-limited items.

✔️ What are Materia Hop-Ups in the event?

Materia Hop-Ups are special items that enhance weapon capabilities with various effects and bonuses. They are compatible with select weapons and can be found across the game map and in event-limited Cactuar Ticks.

✔️ Can I obtain the event packs without purchasing them?

Players have the opportunity to receive a few event packs for free during the event. Additionally, they can earn Gil, the event currency, through participation in the event mode and challenges, which can be used to acquire event packs.

➤ Conclusion

The Apex Legends x FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH collaboration event offers players the chance to immerse themselves in a unique crossover experience. With the introduction of the Mythic Buster Sword R5 and various event-exclusive items, players can participate in the event activities, earn event currency, and seize the opportunity to obtain these coveted items. Additionally, the inclusion of Twitch Drops adds another layer of engagement for players to enjoy the event.

In conclusion, the collaboration event presents a blend of exciting content from both worlds, inviting players to embark on a thrilling adventure within the realms of Apex Legends and FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH.

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