Ambessa Medarda: The New League of Legends Champion

With the profound impact of Arcane, the animated series on Netflix, Riot Games has announced the introduction of a new League of Legends champion, Ambessa Medarda. Making her debut in 2024, Ambessa Medarda will be the first character from the Arcane universe to join the popular MOBA game. This announcement was made by Riot Games in a Dev Update video titled “Season 2024 Look Ahead: Champions, Modes, Arcane & More.”

Who Is Ambessa Medarda?

Ambessa Medarda is a powerful Noxian warlord and stateswoman introduced in the Arcane series. She is portrayed as the estranged mother of Mel, a character from the show. Encouraging her children to embrace the warfront, Ambessa Medarda represents strength, speed, and agility in both the series and the upcoming League of Legends release.

Implications for League of Legends

This release marks the integration of the Arcane universe into League of Legends, hinting at a broader collaboration between the two entities. In addition to Ambessa Medarda, Riot Games has teased Arcane-inspired gameplay, a new VGU, and new skins, indicating the ongoing expansion of content and immersive experiences for players and fans.


The introduction of Ambessa Medarda from the Arcane series to League of Legends signifies an exciting development for fans of both the game and the show. As the release date approaches, players can anticipate a dynamic and impactful addition to the League of Legends roster, as well as further exploration of the interconnected gaming and media universes.


When will Ambessa Medarda be released in League of Legends?

Ambessa Medarda is set to be released in the year 2024.

What is Ambessa Medarda’s role in League of Legends?

Ambessa Medarda will bring the Noxian flair to the game, embodying strength, speed, and agility. She is expected to be a formidable and dynamic champion in the game.

Will there be further integration of Arcane content into League of Legends?

Yes, Riot Games has hinted at additional Arcane-inspired gameplay, a new VGU, and new skins, suggesting ongoing collaboration and content expansion between the two entities.

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