All Pal Variations in Palworld

Palworld boasts a meticulously crafted ecosystem, complete with diverse species of Pals inhabiting different regions and hotspots. In addition to the base Pals available in-game, there are Pal variations that add even more diversity to the game. If you are wondering how many variations there are in the game, here’s a quick look at all the sub-species and Pal variations in the game.

What are Pal Variations in Palworld?

Pal variations represent subspecies that evolve due to environmental influences or intentional breeding. They can be found in the wild or discovered through the cross-breeding of Pals.

– These subspecies often showcase the same design but with distinct themes and elemental affinities.
– Stats of these variations tend to be notably impressive.
– Unique Paldeck entries differentiate them, allowing for the collection of multiple instances for the First Capture XP bonus.

If you enjoy min-maxing in games, going after these variations can be pretty handy. You also get the First Capture bonus for each of them so you can level up your Paldeck faster if you go for every variation in the game.

With a total of 18 Pal variations currently available, the naming convention featuring a B suggests the potential for more within the same subspecies. This hints at the prospect of exciting live service content, including limited-time events with unique bosses. As Palworld evolves, anticipation builds for what the future holds for these captivating Pal subspecies.


How do I find Pal variations in Palworld?
Pal variations can be found in the wild or discovered through the cross-breeding of Pals. Once discovered, they can be captured and added to your Paldeck.

How do Pal variations differ from base Pals?
Pal variations showcase the same design as base Pals but with distinct themes and elemental affinities. They also tend to have notably impressive stats compared to their base counterparts.

Are there any benefits to collecting Pal variations?
Yes, collecting Pal variations can be beneficial as you can earn the First Capture XP bonus for each of them, allowing you to level up your Paldeck faster.


Pal variations add an exciting layer of diversity and strategy to the Palworld game. With their distinct designs, themes, and impressive stats, players have the opportunity to engage in capturing and collecting these unique subspecies. As the game evolves, the potential for additional variations and live service content promises a continuously captivating experience for players.

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