All Dreamscape Pass Objectives and Rewards

➤ Dreamscape Pass: An Exciting Addition to Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail version 2.0 has introduced the Dreamscape Pass, a scrapbook-like feature that adds a new layer of depth to the game. As players explore Penacony and complete missions, they can collect stickers that represent various memories and experiences from their adventures. These stickers come in two types: Story Stickers, awarded for completing main story quests and events, and Exploration Stickers, which are found through interacting with objects and characters in the game world.

There are over 130 stickers to collect, each unlocking a unique reward such as Stellar Jades, Cogs, and character upgrade materials. In addition to serving as a repository for memories, the Dreamscape Pass allows players to review their progress, save their favorite moments to revisit later, and view an interactive map of Penacony showcasing all the locations they have visited.

With the wealth of rewards and the ability to relive cherished memories, the Dreamscape Pass is a valuable addition to the Honkai: Star Rail experience.

✔️ Dreamscape Pass Objectives and Rewards

– ✍️Stellar Jades✍️: These valuable items can be obtained by collecting certain stickers in the Dreamscape Pass. Stellar Jades are crucial for character progression and enhancing their abilities.

– ✍️Cogs✍️: Another reward players can earn from completing sticker collections in the Dreamscape Pass. Cogs are useful for various in-game mechanics and upgrades.

– ✍️Character Upgrade Materials✍️: By collecting specific stickers, players can gather materials essential for upgrading their characters, enhancing their combat abilities and overall performance.

– ✍️Track Progress and Memories✍️: The Dreamscape Pass offers a unique way to remember and review the journey through Penacony, creating a delightful and personalized experience for the players.

✔️ FAQ

✔️# How do I access the Dreamscape Pass in Honkai: Star Rail?

To access the Dreamscape Pass, simply navigate to the designated section within the game’s interface. From there, you can view your progress, collect stickers, and review the rewards you’ve obtained.

✔️# Can I revisit my favorite moments saved in the Dreamscape Pass?

Yes, the Dreamscape Pass allows you to save your favorite memories from your dreams and revisit them later at your convenience.

✔️# Are there any special stickers or rewards available in the Dreamscape Pass?

Yes, there are exclusive stickers and rewards available as part of limited-time events, providing additional incentives for players to engage with the Dreamscape Pass.

✔️ Conclusion

The Dreamscape Pass in Honkai: Star Rail adds an exciting dimension to the game, offering players a way to cherish their journey, track progress, and earn valuable rewards. With its emphasis on exploration, collection, and remembrance, the Dreamscape Pass enriches the gameplay experience, making it a captivating addition to the world of Penacony. Be sure to dive into this feature, collect all the stickers, and make the most of the rewards it has to offer.

As the Dreamscape Pass continues to evolve and grow with future updates, players can look forward to even more engaging experiences and rewards in the world of Honkai: Star Rail.

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